"nothing to me ever compared to my beloved Church's refusal of my calling"

Dearest Fr.Bloom,

I am a catholic, and I have spent more, many more years than you did in an oppressing society, where suffering meant more - as you say - than for women not being admitted to priesthood. My family suffered death and persecution at hands of tyrants and their puppets. But nothing to me ever compared to my beloved Church's refusal of my calling. Should I just go across the street to KFC? Sir, are you really a Catholic priest to dare compare my Church, my religion, my faith to a fast food restaurant? Oh, dear sir, you sound like my Moslem friend who answered my question about more wives than one with an answer that dumbfounded me: "Look, God created animals too, and they all have more females for each male, look at a rooster". Oh, please, is human male just a rooster? Is male at an altar of our God having an orgasm every time he raises Eucharist, is it a homosexual act?

Yes, I am a Catholic, and will remain so, even of you excommunicate me. I still won't heed your word then, will teach my daughters to struggle but not destroy, and will not treat my Church like a fast food (for soul).



Dear Malwina,

The analogy of fast food restaurants was perhaps ill chosen. And, like any comparison, it limps. My only point was that while women's ordination is "on the menu" in the Anglican Church, it is not in the Catholic Church, nor can it ever be:

The Church "does not consider herself authorized to admit women to priestly ordination."

Malwina, can you help me understand how this statement is worse than the death and persecution your family suffered at the hands of tyrants?

Prayers for you and your daughters. God bless,

Fr. Bloom


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