Men Not Called to Motherhood

Dear Father:

You have probably already thought of this before, but since it was not in a reply to a letter on the question I thought I would write about it. Since the Church tells us that women cannot be ordained, and since we know that the Church tells us the Word of God, and since God does not tell men (male or female) to do anything they are incapable of doing, we must assume that he does not call women to the ministry, because a vocation is nothing less than a command, if you will, to do as the vocation dictates. Men (I mean in reference to males) are never, ever called by God to be mothers, because they are physically incapable of being such. In the same way, women are never called to be ordained ministers, because they are spiritually incapable of being such.

Omnipotens Deus te et nos benedicat,

Donald Patrick Goodman III