Obedience to God and Women Ministers

Although I agree with many of the things said about women, society, men, and their roles, you leave out one very pertinent aspect to this whole question: what if a woman is called to the ministry? Only those called may become ministers. What if it is a woman? Obedience is necessary, where personal beliefs are contrary. God can use anyone, in any way He sees fit, man or woman. What matters is to do His will. Man or woman.


Sorry I am so late in replying. I agree with what you say. The only thing I would add is the role of the community and those in proper authority in discerning whether ones call is genuine. I might feel called to sing the Exultet at the Cathedral liturgy. The Archbishop would probably say to me, "that's great, Phil, but we need someone who can carry a tune." Do you see what I mean?