The Bigger Question: Is Man on Cross God?


Thank you for responding. As for the Bigger Question, from the internet research I have done recently (admittedly, not the most trusted of sources), I can only come to one conclusion - the same one reached by GKC - either the Man on the Cross was God, or the most insane egomaniac of history. The sources I examined point me to the former. Particularly after reading The Everlasting Man, human history makes little sense without Christianity - it becomes nothing more than a haphazard arrangement of events in a chronological order. Bede's Library also presented very strong arguments in favor of the first hypothesis. Of course, many argue that human history is exactly that - haphazard, no real direction other than the passing of time. But the evidence seems to indicate the opposite - we speak of "progress," "development," etc. and humanity does at least gain knowledge throughout history (although unfortunately does not always put it to its best use). There has certainly been intellectual and technological development and the direction is to advance, although the purpose of this advance is not necessarily clear.

Regarding the first question, some people do not find that question interesting, but I think that is more out of fear of what they might discover (either nihilism or a Creator).


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