Does Bible Forbid Vasectomy?

Dear Father,

Let me start from the beginning. My niece married a non Catholic but he became Catholic and has tried to follow the Church. However, his Family are not Catholic. His wife my niece and him have conceived their fourth child a few months ago. She is at a high risk for a another pregency because of her health. But she won't abort or use other birth control not accepted by the Church. His Family is trying to talk him into a operation to be fixed so he can no longer have children. What I would like to know is where in the Bible does it say that if a man has this done he is condemed my God. If you can answer me about this please help me asap. He wants to show his Family that it is forbidden in the Bible but they say there is no such scripture. Please rush.

Thank you and God Bless.



Dear C.,

First of all, my prayers are with your niece and her husband. They are facing a most difficult situation. Before talking about the moral aspects, let me ask about their exact medical situation. Have they gotten a second opinion - especially from a doctor who is strongly pro-life? A great resource is the center run by ob-gyn doctor Thomas Hilgers in Omaha.

As far as what might help his family undertand the seriousness of vasectomy, I would recommend: The Case Against Birth Control ~By Nate Wilson. He is a Bible based Protestant. Also written by a Protestant is: THE BIBLE AND BIRTH CONTROL, Provan, Zimmer. Although vasectomy was unknown in biblical times, still you have indications that mutilation or castration was considered a blemish making a Levite unable to offer sacrifice. (see Leviticus, chapters 21-22) But more important is the overall emphasis in the Bible on fertility, the sacredness of the "seed" (procreation), the blessing of children, etc.

Also I would like to recommend the Couple to Couple League article on vasectomy. I really recommend that they read this article before taking such a drastic step. It also shows that by following the rules of methods based on self-observation, it is possible to space or even avoid pregnancy if that is necessary.

Of course, the final decision belongs to them. I will be praying for them. Perhaps there is a local priest, faithful to the Magisterium, who can help them with this crucial and delicate decision.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. Please also see letter asking about Reversal of Vasectomy.

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