Frankenstein at University of Washington

From Lila:

Dr. Frankenstein is alive and well and working at the University of Washington Health Sciences complex:

"Human embryonic and fetal tissues are available from the Central Laboratory for Human Embryology at the University of Washington. The laboratory, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health, can supply tissue from normal or abnormal embryos and fetuses of desired gestational ages between 40 days and term. Specimens are obtained within minutes of passage and tissues are aseptically identified, staged, and immediately processed according to the requirements of individual investigators. Presently, processing methods include immediate fixation, snap fixation, snap freezing in liquid nitrogen and placement in balanced salt solutions or media designated and/or supplied by investigators. Specimens are shipped by overnight express, arriving the day following procurement. . . .

"Inquiries: Alan G. Fantel, Ph.D.
Department of Pediatrics, RD-20
Seattle, WA 98195."

In cold, clinical research terms, here is the end product of the "fetal tissue issue" - an economically important byproduct of the sexual revolution. (For those who want to see the document themselves, it's only a click away on the Internet. Just call up the search engine, type in "Where can I purchase fetal tissue?," and within seconds, "NIH Guide" will appear as one of the answers.)

From At Home In The Culture Of Death By PAUL LIKOUDIS, The Wanderer 9-30--99

Comment: One of the depressing facts of the Third Reich was how easily Hitler seduced higher education and medicine. Our culture of death has also succeeded in that goal, as the above article illustrates.

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Fetal Research and the March of Dimes


The Catholic Advocate (Bulletin of the Washington State Catholic Legislative Network, Washington State Catholic Conference) had this item in its January 21, 2000 bulletin:

"The National Institute of Health (NIH) is requesting public comment on draft guidelines for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The guidelines tell researchers how to obtain and destroy live human embryos from fertility clinics, so the embryos' inner cells can be cultured for taxpayer-funded research."

The WSCC recommends this Action: Write or e-mail NIH to oppose this misuse of tax dollars, and to support research using adult stem cells and other morally acceptable alternative.