Where Do Aborted Babies Go?

Father Bloom:

I enjoyed the story about Marina thanks for sharing it with me. I know from experience how questions about the fate of your child can effect you. I thought if I asked I would be given the response "it's a little late to worry about that", or have limbo proven and add more despair.

I went on the internet and looked up limbo which led me to the Knights of Columbus web-site that said "the tragedy of abortion has added to the population of limbo". (I have since contacted them and this has been removed). This was after Reconciliation, during the main turmoil, but before I actually began the healing part of this journey.

The next day I talked to my priest, who told me "your baby is an angel, an angel who has forgiven you and is praying you will forgive yourself". He also advised me to pray to my baby, which I do daily. I know now that the connection with Jadyn has been crucial to my success.

In case you haven't read it, there is a very good article on the Elliot Institute web-site. Under main categories go to 'healing' and then 'Trusting God's Mercy for Unborn Children'.

There is one other web-site I want to share with you in case you aren't familiar with it. Maybe some of your parishioners could benefit from it. The Shrine of The Holy Innocents, at the Church of the Holy Innocents in New York will put the baby's name in their book of life and mail a beautiful certificate and letter acknowledging a child who died before birth.

Thanks for everything, I'll be reading you! You are remembered in my prayers, especially those of thanksgiving.


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