Transhumanism: Exterminate the Human Species?

Andrew Nowicki wrote:

Humans are only a small part of God's creation, and yet your internet publication does mention the fact that we are exterminating other species. Apparently, exterminating God's creation is not a sin. Some insects lay eggs inside bodies of animals and humans. Maggots develop inside the host and usually kill it. Is God a sadist?

If you are an open mined person, read transhumanist publication and write a book about ethical aspects of transhumanism.


Dear Andrew,

I don't know if I can meet your criterion for being open minded ("write a book about ethical aspects of transhumanism") however I do have a couple of questions:

What species are we presently exterminating? I don't recall mentioning any on my internet site.

I did take a look the transhumanism site. It seems they want to exterminate the human species. I noticed this section:

"The arrival of superintelligence will clearly deal a heavy
philosophical blow to any anthropocentric world-view. Much
more important, however, are the practical ramifications.
Creating superintelligence is the last invention that humans
will ever need to make, since superintelligences could
themselves take care of further scientific and technological
development more efficiently than could humans. The
human species will no longer be the smartest life-form in
the known universe."

Does transhumanism assume that efficient "scientific and the technological development" (wiping out disease, aging, pain, etc.) is the goal of human existence?


Fr. Phil Bloom


A movie about "creating" a human: Bicentennial Man