"I Used to Think Pope Was Holy Man"

I am very confused, Father. I met a person that is a Traditional Catholic and he has been telling me about his Church. I am really starting to have my doubts about the Post Vatican II Church. I used to think that Pope John Paul II was a very holy man. I even bought a book of his in the hope that it might help me overcome my fear of God and draw me back to the Church. Now, I am not so sure if he is a holy man... Father, can you please tell me what you think of this. I am beginning to feel that the Church is no longer the true Church



Dear C,

Good to hear from you. The main focus has to be what God wants of you or me at this very moment. And to know that the Catholic Church is the spotless bride of Christ - sins, wrinkles and blemishes of individual members notwithstanding. The "Traditional" and other breakaway churches might appear purer initially, but they inevitably have worse falls. Even the Greeks knew that pride goes before the fall. Do you see what I mean?


Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. The pope himself goes to confession each week. For an understanding of him "from the inside" please read Witness to Hope by George Weigel.


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