"We Are All Imperfect"

Hi Father Bloom,

Just love some of those books that you have recommended...anything by C.S. Lewis is super! I also read Darwin on Trial and enjoy apologetics.

I plan to see the movie The Apostle with Robert Duvall, on your recommendation.. He also starred in one of my favorite movies called Tender Mercies, have you seen it? I am always so glad to see religious people portrayed with integrity and beauty.

Sure do enjoy your website! Thanks for providing it.

Your friend in Christ,

Diane G

One week later.

Father Bloom,

I just saw The Apostle. My first reaction...Good Christian, thou shalt not embarrass God. But as I pondered the story and the characters I began to like the movie better and better. We are all imperfect (as were Moses, David and many others) but through the grace of God we can and do serve God to his glory!

Looking at the movie and imagining that I were not a Christian, it could have been a real turn off. I might of seen Sonny as a real buffoon.

I still love the movie Tender Mercies and hope that you will see it and let me know what you think.

Diane G


Good to hear from you, Diane. Thank you for the kind words. I also loved Tender Mercies. Saw it again on TV a while back. Of course was better in a theater where not so many distractions are at hand. I recommended Apostle to parishioners. Some told me they had a hard time seeing the same message I did (sin, repentance, conversion, redemption, worship). I guess I mainly liked it because I found the characters believable - as opposed to the cardboard ones in most movies, and almost all TV programs. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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