Teaching Natural Family Planning

(Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru, November 1998)

Obst. Luz Marron explaining the basics of the Billings Method

Female Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

Obst. Luz Marron explaining how to interpret Variations in Cycles

Rolando (Pastoral Agent) Interpreting Charts

Student Doing NFP Chart

NFP Students in front of Church in Asillo

Obst Luz Marron with class in barrio of Puno

Class in Puno Barrio

Mary Bloom Center Team with Fr. Steve Judd, M.M. (University Apostolate)

Chastity Education Class for High School Boys

Obst. Lidia Quispe and Cristina Explaing NFP to Young Adults

Cristina teaching class to High School Students

Class for New Instructors and Promotors of Natural Family Planning

Outside of Mary Bloom Center