Dear Fr. Phil,

Thanks for your untiring response to our e-mail and requests. John and Nitz de Pano would like to thank you too for your prayers for them.
And to answer your query, yes Father, we are very much involved in the Charismatic renewal here in our diocese of Tarlac. The Lord ushered us into a life of service to Him through the Marriage Encounter, of which John and Nitz, my husband Andy and I were among the harvest of that fruitful endeavor of our religious community 5 years ago. We are into conducting Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminars, outreaches, youth formation programs at present. We, the core couples, meet weekly for our Bible sessions and marriage evening encounters.
We would appreciate it too Father, if you could include in your prayers our community as a whole.

Again Father, our sincerest thanks,
Bernadette Lim
The New Covenant
Catholic Charismatic Ministies
Tarlac,Tarlac Philippines