Dear Father Phil

I am a Catholic priest in the diaspora of Sweden. Our parish is very plurinational and we have four language versions of our homepage: English, Spanish, Swedish and Italian. Our homepage has more the character of a Catholic homepage on teaching, apologetics, prayer and devotion in general than a parish-homepage. I like your homepage very much. Would be very grateful if you could link us up with you. I will soon link your homepage to ours.

Our home page is a plurilingual information site on Catholic faith, questions and answers, the saints, tha sacraments, Holy scipture liturgy, prayer, Church history, apologetics, ecumenism, cults, links to truly Catholic homepages and information on our parish.

Our adress is:

International Catholic Internet Information

Rev.Daniel Adner
S:t Michael's Catholic Parish
Ulriksbergspromenaden 34
352 46 Vxj,
tel + fax +46-470-15242

Yours in Christ.
fr. Daniel Adner


Dear Father Daniel,

Thank you for your e-mail. And my apologies for being so slow in responding. I would be delighted to exchange a link with your website. Great work! Will do so next time I update.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom