Father Bloom:

I was just browsing through sites listed on the Catholic Goldmine database, and I found yours especially uplifting and informative. I am a college student about to join RCIA and your pages were very helpful in clarifying succinctly some of the many issues I am thinking about, especially the role of women and birth control. I plan to use your eloquent arguments to explain to my Protestant and nonbelieving friends alike why I have decided to join the Catholic Church. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Susan Floyd


Dear Susan,

Thanks for the letter. I am sure it wouldn't surprise you to hear I have also received e-mail from women saying I was all wet in what I wrote about women's role, especially my surmisal about what "girls everywhere dream about" (protective arms, wearing a beautiful garment, having and caring for a child of their own, being reverenced for their potential motherhood, etc.). Even though those statements were based on a lot of conversation both here and in Peru, I would not die for them. But the meaning of marriage as a sacrament is something else. Every Catholic today needs to be prepared to defend that teaching--and to expect a certain amount of ridicule for doing so.

Anyway, Susan, I do deeply appreciate hearing from you. I love to receive e-mail from college and high school students, even ones who disagree. But it is especially beautiful to get a letter like yours, to hear about your faith journey.

You are in my prayers. God bless.

Fr. Phil Bloom


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