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From: "Fr. James N. Dean"

Subject: Re: US News article on Married Priests

To: Multiple recipients of list PRIEST-L

Cry, cry again... Isn't this getting a little old?!? Did this add anything to the previous discussion? Whining will get you nowhere...

Why are vocations flourishing in dioceses like Arlington (VA), Lincoln (NEB), and Peoria (ILL)? The vocation director for Arlington said that their problem is that they don't have enough beds for all the priests that they are ordaining (about 23 in the past 2 years). Why are vocations up dramatically worldwide over the past 20 years and still on decline overall in the U.S.?

What do Arlington, Lincoln and Peoria have in common? They are all faithful to the Holy Father and the teachings of the Church. Even my own archdiocese has gained about a half dozen vocations over the past 10 years (with more on the way) because of the faithfulness of our young clergy (and the lack of it in their native dioceses). In each of these cases they were driven from their dioceses because they were faithful to the Magesterium. So the heterodox dioceses cry for women priestesses and married priests because they have fulfilled their own prophecies that there are no vocations.

It is the same reason why many religious orders are dying and others are not only surviving but thriving (i.e., the Nashville Dominicans - where I have two personal friends, one who was a student here in college before she went into the convent). They reject the authority of the pope, they toss their habits, they live lives like sorority sisters (sometimes with very little community life, if any) and they go the way of all flesh.

The Maryknoll seminary in NY was celebrating Mass every other day (to physically experience the void from the Church not offering ordination to one half of the Catholic population) when they CLOSED. Another seminary, where I had friends attending and a priest friend teaching CLOSED just afterwards. All the while the seminary (theologate) I was attending (St. Charles in Philly) grew from 89 (when I started in 1987) to 160 by 1993. Go figure... any rocket scientists out there? Why did this happen? One heterodox sister implied that it was just lucky.

As for re-instituting the laiticized (sp?) married priests... I have met a few of them and they were almost all dissenters. Just what we don't need is more dissent in the presbytery.

And there will be well enough orthodox Roman Catholic priests to minister to the faithful Roman Catholics after the US schism occurs when the Call To Action crowd finally realize that they are NEVER going to get their way and realize that they have left the Roman Catholic Church many years ago and finally go their own way - the way of all the other Protest-ants.

God bless you all and Oremus Pro Invicem,

Fr. James Dean

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