St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

July 2014

World Youth Day Meeting, July 31

L-R: Michael, Maria, Andrea, Hannah, David, Lenny, Thomas, Teresa

L-R: Hannah, David, Lenny, Thomas, Theresa

L-R: Theresa, Elizabeth, Janet, Marni, Cathy, Tricia, Diana, Michael (Madi - in backgound)

L-R: Brenda, Mike, Alana, Stephanie

L-R: Stephanie, Cynthia, Adolfo

L-R: Theresa, Elizabeth, Janet, Marni, Cathy, Tricia, Diana, Michael, Brenda, Mike, Ruby, Grace, Alana, Stephanie, Cynthia, Adolfo, Brieanna, Christian

L-R: Brieanna, Christian, Cris

L-R: Andrea, Hannah, David, Lenny, Thomas, Theresa, Elizabeth, Janet, Marni, Cathy, Tricia, Diana, Michael, Brenda, Mike, Ruby, Grace

L-R: Martha, Tania

L-R: Michael, Maria, Andrea, Hannah, David, Lenny, Thomas, Theresa, Elizabeth, Janet, Marni

L-R: Miano, Rose

L-R: Mariana, Maria, Fr. B, Lara, Sharon, Cheryl
(pictures by Sister Barbara)

Cake for 62nd Anniversary of Vows - Sister Barbara Geib, July 27

Presentation of Magaly Estafania, July 27

Parents: Eduardo & Maria Magdalena Estrada


Baptism of Edgar Samuel, July 27, Oil of Catechumens

Godparents: Jesus & Selmia Llamas

L-R: Jesus & Selmia Llamas (padrinos); Ignacio & Perla Partida (parents), Samantha (sister)

Abuelos (grandparents)

Kermes (Hispanic Bazaar), July 26


Baptisms, July 26: Rosa Angelica

Daniella Fernanda

Gabriella Sophia

Alexander Gabriel

Candace Abigail


Melany Yaritza



Cesar David



Blessing of moms


L-R: Rosalba & Mario Alonso (parents); Isidro Manuel Mendez (padrino)


L-R: Sergio & Indira Aguilar (padrinos); Arasele & Daniel Guzman (parents)


L-R: Elmer & Adela Rodriguez (padrinos); Arasele & Daniel Guzman (parents)


L-R: Elmer & Adela Rodriquez (parents); Guadalupe & Javier Garcia (padrinos)

Estevan & Cesar David

L-R: Julio Cesar Talavera & Valerie Blanquet (padrinos), Marta Magana & Pedro Retana (parents)

Candace Abigail

L-R: Luis & Claudia Clemente (parents); Ana Patricia Clemente & Javier Lopez (padrinos)

Samantha & Stephanie

L-R: Antonio & Geronima Pachecho (padrinos); Rosalina & Domingo Mendez (parents)


L-R: Eloisa & Joaquin Munguia (parents); Maria & Jose Silva (padrinos)

Rosa Angelica

L-R: Romualdo & Rosa Huerta (parents), Oliva & Rogelio Cordova (padrinos)

Melany Yaritza

L-R: Cesar Mejia & Marta Martinez (padrinos); Laura & Jesus Mejia (parents)

Wedding of Sergio Gustavo Jazzo & Mayra Jasmin Herrera Blanco, July 26

Exchange of Vows

(After exchange of vows, Mayra used something she would always have with her to make a pledge

Martina Blanco & Roberto Gudiņo placing lazo

The lazo or cord represents the gentle yoke of Jesus (Mt 11:29)

Nupcial Blessing

Mayra with her mother-in-law, Arcelia; Sergio with his dad (& spiritual father)

Parents of Mayra, daughter Yaneli and son Sergio Isaac (my homily gave him peaceful sleep)


(second from right is Sergio's daughter Sirena)

with Mayra's grandparents


Servers Training, July 19

Sharon, Marki, Conner, Milo, Mia, Autumn, Hannah (with Pascal Candle), Maddie

Convalidation, Veronica Alvarado & Lucio Cano Jimenez (exchange of rings)

with children: Alexis & Mariela

Baptism of Dana Mybeline: Blessing of dad, Arturo Rojas, July 19

in background, Oliva (mom), Jaime & Flavia Rodriguez (padrinos)

Wedding of Jose Israel Flores & Kena Valeria Ramos, July 19

Kena entering with parents

Blessing of symbols (rings, arras, lazo, flowers, etc.

3-year-old blessing of Shaila Guadalupe (after 5 pm Mass)

Gerardo, Juana (Shaila's mom), Jose Luis Garcia (dad), Lourdes Garcia (madrina)

Vacation Bible School Soccer Camp, July 14-18

XV of Natividad, July 13, Noon Mass, with parents Adrian & Genoveva

50th Anniversary Bonifacio & Alicia Torres, July 12

Receiving "lazo" - double rosary that represents the gentle yoke of Jesus

Baptisms, July 12

Kimberly Sarahy, parents: Miguel & Maria Guadalupe Martinez, padrinos: Delgadina & Hugo Garcia

her sister Allison Mere with padrinos Liliana & Sergio Garcia

Allison receiving anointing with sacred chrism

L-R: Candido Hernandez (padrino), Jose de Jesus Ramirez Gomez (dad), Kaylee Juliet w/ Fr. B, Griselda (mom), Remedios (madrina)

L-R: Alberto & Teresa Jimenez, Nathan Emmanuel, Brayan & Stefanie Alvarez

Vatican Express Vacation Bible School, July 7-11

One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Song

Swiss Guard Cadet Danika guiding her group

Cadet Markie with Luci

Cadet M.J.

Cadet Madison

Sister Barbara arriving in sistermobile

Pope Francis in economical popemobile

Greeting children

Help in getting out of popemobile

Miss Destiny introducing students with questions

Monk Patty directing student

listening to question


Children, Cadets & Monks with Pope Francis and Sister Barbara

Monk Traci with Cadet Danika after conclusion of VBS

Sign of Aeden's future?

Sister Barbara with Monks Amy, Georgene, Rebecca, Traci, Pat, Lara, Claudia & Patty

Sr. B w/ Swiss Guard cadets

Madi & Hokolani

Monk Traci


prayer song

closing VBS with prayer before Jesus in Blessed Sacrament

Replacing Water Pipe to Parish Hall, July 10

Isaac Hudy & Gino after a job well done

Quintuple XV: Erika, Gisella, Adriana, Socorro, Clarissa, July 5


L-R: Clarissa, Socorro, Adriana, Gisella, Erika

Socorro Garcia (accompanied by Chambelan Cesar) giving her prayer of offering self as disciple of Jesus to Father through the Virgin Mary

Clarissa Murillo making offering of flowers to Our Lady of the Valley (her mom is behind her)

Erika Rodriquez with padrinos and parents

Socorro with parents, padrinos & chambelanes

Gisella Gonzalez with padrinos, parents, grandmoms and little sisters

Adriana Mejia with parents & padrinos

Adriana with chambelanes

Clarissa with parents, padrinos & chambelanes

Clarissa with parents

Blessings of Mario & Yolanda Rodriguez (30th anniversary)

Mario & Yolanda with 2 daughters & 4 sons

Erika, Gisella, Adriana, Socorro, Clarissa - with happy priest!

Uriel, Juan & Cathy digging to find broken water pipe, July 5

Cathy & John with water-soaked soil

Hector trimming bush

Adolfo mowing lawn

John, Adan, Martin & ______ pulling up old carpet

Adrian, Martin, Jose, John, Adan, Jorge taking up carpet

Martin & Adrian

John laying down new tiles

Fourth of July at Mary Bloom Center

Birthday Cake with Peruvian & American Flags

Pictures by Sarah Sleasman (Volunteer Teacher at Bob Lindenau Tutoring Program)


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In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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