St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

August 2014

Blessing of Family Room, Aug 31

Blessing of child in Family Room

Milo with holy water, congregation through windows

Marriage (Convalidation) of Reymundo Pacheco Mendez & Aracely Rodriquez, August 30

L-R: Raymundo Rodriquez (Aracely's dad), Renato Calletano (padrino), Aracely, Reymundo, Flora Mendez (madrina), Gregoria Rodriguez (mom of bride)

with children: Dulce Maria, Daniel & Emanuel

Primos (cousins)

Wedding of Ernestino Leyva & Aminelia Aguilar

with padrinos

Blessing of Marriage: Anthony Mix & Rosita Hernandez

L-R: Rosa Elba Hernandez (mom of bride), Keely Mix (groom's mom), Rosita, Anthony, Jeff Mix (dad of groom); Mario Hernandez (bride's dad), Rosita's sister below

Moms placing lazo (double rosary representing yoke of Christ) on Anthony & Rosita's shoulders

Funeral of Sheila Ascherl, August 29

Coffin by Marian Caskets

John placing blinds in family room (quiet room)

Diaper changing table for room off family room

Blessing of marriage of Allan & Pam Snook, August 26

Parish Picnic, August 24

Knights Steve & Austin preparing burgers

Doug, Austin, Steve

Larry, Grand Knight Joe Ascherl, Doug, John

Kitchen crew: Rosie, Georgene, Doug, Pat

Georgene, Pat

Meri, Cheryl, Elizabeth

Rose, Markie serving

Past Grand Knight Tom Radford

Martha, Maria, Gerardo & families

Gerardo & Erlinda

Aloha, Rosa, Harriet, Mattie

Gerardo & family

Jesus, Evelia, Uriel, Virginia & children

Gary & Brenda Koontz


Sr B

Lonnie & family

Melanie, Mike, Elizabeth

Chris, Ana, Tom


Diana & Hannah

Matt, Brendy & sons

Michael, Maria & family; Alex, Luci & children

Dean & Traci

Playground (new chips for play area)

Virginia & Alexa Guadalupe

Baptisms, August 23, Emilio

Jocelyn Nayeli

Gregory Rodolfo

Joshua Alejandro

Joseph Ezequiel




Marcus Manuel

XV of Leslie, Kaina & Kimberly, Aug 23

Kaina, parents & Chambelanes

Kimberly, parents, chambelanes & future quinceañeras


Baptism of Daniella (Leslie's sister)

XV of Cynthia Gutierrez, with mom Lorena, chambelanes, sister and friend, August 16

XV of Alejandra with parents Marcos & Leticia Espinoza

future quinceañeras

wedding of Ricardo Sanchez & Delmia Silva, August 16

with parents, uncles, aunts, padrinos, etc.

with children, Andres & Leilani, flower girls

constructing quiet room for parents with small children (week of Aug 11-15)

reconfiguration of seating in main body of church

Baptism of Osvaldo, August 10

L-R: Philip Venegas (dad), Ismael & Maria Sanchez (padrinos), Lizbeth (mom)

L-R: Lizbeth, Phillip, Maria, Ismael, Osvaldo below (in white), his cousins in red shirts

Presentation of Jorge Santiago

L-R: Abraham (padrino), Jorge (dad), Jessica (mom)

25th Anniversary Mass, Luciano & Maria Avila, August 9

3-yr-old Blessing of Violeta

L-R: Ana & Miguel Camilo (padrinos); Maria & Nazario Aparicio (parents)

las mariachis

Baptisms, August 9, Violeta

Gonzalo & Maria Estrada (parents); Salvador & Rosario Avalos (padrinos)


L-R: Maricela & Juan Carlos Guzman (parents); Gavino & Leticia Guzman (padrinos);

Jeffrey Juan

L-R: Wilver & Maria Leyva (padrinos); Narcedalia & Antonio Juan Gomez


L-R: Gilbaldo & Audelia Calderon (parents); Elsa & Huan Ruiz (padrinos)

Marriage (Convalidation) of Pedro Pablo Alonso Jimenez & Inez Pacheco-Ortiz, August 9

Brian (son), Ines, Axel (in my arms), Alex with dad Pedro Pablo, Brandon (son)

Boat trip in San Juan's (Mary Bloom Auction Prize donated by Joe & Teresa Ascherl)

L-R: Joe, Patti, Sister Barbara, Georgene, Harry, Pat

Looking across to Lummi Island & Mount Baker

L-R: Joe, Teresa, Pat, Georgene, Patti, Harry

XV of Jesus Esmeralda, August 2

Parents - Antonio & Rocio Carrasco


Fernando & Adelisa (padrinos)

Future Quinceaneras


brothers Brayan & Kevin on right & left

Baptism of Gilmer Akim, August 2

L-R: Adan Pelayo (padrino), Juana (abuelita), Yanet & Abel Pelayo (parents)

not shown - Amir (brother)

XV of Samantha, Aug 2, Blessing of Symbols

Marta & Bonifacio Lezama (parents)

L-R: Alondra (sister), Marta, Samantha, Bonifacio

Ulda & Benito Lezama (padrinos)


Future Quinceanera: Mia (cousin)

Roses for Our Lady, Aug 2

Stanwood High School Class of '64 Reunion, August 1

Front row, kneeling, L to R: Gary Hodges, John Jonson, Norm Lang, Eddie Strand, Hank Wade,
Seated L to R: Diane Warsinski White, Vicki Lund Anderson, Bev Eidsness Martinka, Nancy Larson Liles, Joyce Larsen Linn, Janice Lee Wegman, Susan Brekhus Kimmons, Ann Dodgson Dorsey, Sandy Casteel Benson, Susan Parker Brandt, Janet Eaton Sicklesteel,
Back row L to R: Merle Ash, Marilyn Sollid Hooper, Mike Hereford, Dorothea Albert, June Sande Hammer, Judy Broz Roed, Penny Duane Josephson, Susan Hoines Wykoff, Jennie Rasmussen Kelly, Andrena Bast Caldwell, Rebecca Anderson Coufal, Kathy Kracke Harmon, Vicki Moa Potts, Judy Grissom Scheuffele, Lonnie Anderson, Vee Ann Zelmer Yates, Phillip Saltsman, Evelyn Tiffany Williams, Don Heitmann, Bonnie Gottwald Stene, John Elford, Jerry Heichel, John Magill, Father Phillip Bloom, Mike Stromberg, Richard Bahl, Gary Jones




Daughters of Felipe & Maria (Luz Marina, Yanet and Fernanda) celebrating the land where their family will build their new home. I hope to celebrate with them when I go with the New Year’s 2015 Delegation.


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In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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