St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

June 2012

Bell Installation, June 30, 7 am - Lift in readiness

Bill King readying tower; Dwight Bickler coordinating

Dwight bringing bell, 8 am

positioning bell for tower, John Lenace climbing scaffold

John & Bill guiding bell

L-R: John, Bill K, Bill Martinoli, Nick Martinoli, Cathy Lenac, Sr. Barbara, Dwight, Steve Schilling

bell successfully in place


Marianne & Leo

preparing to move rock sculpture

Bill, Steve, Bill, Nick, Sr. Barbara

Bill K, Steve, Bill M.

putting rock in temporary place: Bill, Nick, Bill, Eliceo, Sr. Barbara, Patrick, Steve


Jessica & Grandmother Diana

Eliceo, Pablo Angel, Jim McDaniel, Uriel Bustos

Nick, Bill & Julie - placing Eagle Scout plaque


Quinceañera Araceli, June 30

Block Watch Meeting, July 27, Dwight Bickler explaining zones

zones in city of Monroe (south of Hwy 2)

Community Service Officer LaDonna Whalen explaining how to work together against crime

follow-up with Hispanic participants

Vacation Bible School - Escuelita Biblica, June 25-29

blessing with holy water

St. Vincent de Paul, June 27

L-R: Henry Parker, Renate, Mattie Meier, Evelyne Robertson, Rose Penter, Tom Morgan, Janet Dee Bridget Shinnick (Not pictured: Jim Bloss, Amy Chestine, Mary Ottini)

new bell - arrived June 25!

Sister Barbara with bell

tower with scaffolding, awaiting bell installation

new water spigot - installed by John Lenac

Baptism, June 24, noon, Maria Fernanda; L-R: Benito (Resendiz) & Consuelo - papas; Leticia & Gabino (Guzman) - padrinos

Yamile; L-R: Juan (Martinez) & Maria - padrinos; Leticia & Fernando (Saldana) - papas

Julian Alberto; Mario (Valdivia) - papa; Evelia - madrina; Diana - mam�; Ricardo (Valdivia) - padrino

Paloma Monserrat; David (Soto) & Mayra - padrinos; Gerardo (Vallejo) y Herlinda - papas

Sarai; Oscar (Rodriquez) y Maria - padrinos; Maria y Tomas (Hernandez) - papas

Kimberly-Annali; Juvenal (Torres) y Tania - papas; Fabiola e Ismael (Esquivel) - padrinos

Maomi - anointing with oil of catechumens, 9:30 am; L-R: De'Ozahane, Patrick, Maria, Jason (parents) Austin, Yolanda (godparents)

Jaiden Raphael; parents: Michaela & Luke; also Serena & Aveline; June 23, 5 pm

Godparents: Molly & Gregory

XV of Ilda, Yazive, Sahori: June 23

Blessing of dads, June 16, 5 pm Mass

Ryan & Anthony

June 17, 9:30 am Mass

Noon Mass

Blessing of Playground area - Eagle Scout Project by Scotty Cragerud, June 17 after 9:30 Mass

Marcus (M.J.)


Retreat for Youth, June 16-17


Eucharistic Adoration

Patrick reposing Blessed Sacrament

Installation of additional Surveillance Cameras - Michael & John, June 14

Michael installing camera on roof focused on bell tower

John installing camera in south corner of church

Fix-It Day, June 16

Bill, Nick, Patrick

Bill, Nick, Patrick, Adam, Jim, Bill

Bill, Ben, Nick

Steve & Xavier

Adam, Bill, Patrick

Nathan, Xavier, ben, Patrick

Nick & Jim

Drainage rock installed

rock will be removed to east entrance

view from east

Blessing of Graduates, Josh, 5 pm, June 9

9:30 am, June 10

Daniel, Sophira, Marni, Nydia, Kendall, Jessica


Blessing for Wedding Anniversaries

with seminarian Patrick Sherrard

Installing electrical connection for bell

Bill, David, Justin, Marti, Mark


some views of church with new bell tower, week of June 10

Confirmation, June 3

Christian, Thomas, Markie, Milo

Nate, Yolanda, Austin, Leo (4th degree Knight)

Archbishop Sartain

Erick A, Clayton, Alexis, Christian, Sergio, Ramon, Marco, Scott, Daniel D, Erika, Marnita, Blanca, Emanuel, Francisco G, Michelle, Stephanie, Juan Jose, Daniel G, Erik G, Rey, Leonor, DeOzhane, Arielle, Yesenia, Francisco M, Victoria, Juan Luis, Lizbeth, Mateusz, Jimmy, Juan P, Rosario, Mitchell, Tyler, Gabriela

wedding of Demetrio & Martha, June 2

Patrick Sherrard - Seminarian of the Archdiocese of Seattle with summer placement at St. Mary of the Valley

with Vicki & Anthony


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In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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