St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

August 2012

Monroe Parade, August 25

Manuelito, Tito, Heddy, Clayton, Gerardo (w Church flag), Yaritza, Michael (w/cross), Fr B, Ken, Thomas, Josh (w/ U.S. flag)

Reciting Centennial Prayer

God, our Father, we thank you for those who have gone before us. In this valley they found a place of opportunity and beauty. We are grateful for their faith and sacrifice. Help us to work for a better world for our children. Give us, dear Lord, all we need: pardon, healing, strength and vision. We ask this through Jesus Christ who lives and rules forever. Amen.

Dios Padre, te damos gracias por los que se han ido antes que nosotros. En este valle encontraron un lugar de oportunidad y belleza. Estamos agradecidos por su fe y sacrificio. Ayudanos a trabajar por un mundo mejor. Danos, Senor, todo lo que necesitamos: perdon, sanacion, fuerza y vision. Te lo pedimos por Jesucristo que vive y reina por siempre. Amen.

Uriel, Matthew, Yaritza, Abby, Monica, Priscila, Tatiana (Hispanic choir members)

Guadalupe Dancers, including Gisela, Florencio, Rocelia

Aaron & Todd

"Strengthen Marriage, Don't re-define it)

Yolanda, Jose, Rosa, Epifania, Isabel, Reina, Jose, Silvina

(SMV Noctural Adoration Group - founded Nov 4, 2005)

Marni, Mason, Tricia, Rose, Milo, Elena

WYD 2011 T-Shirts

Youth Group: Leaders - Martin, Veronica, Adrian, Adan

Ranelle, Yessica, Jessica, Yolanda, Diana

Nate, Giovani, Markie

Bryan, Noah

Leonor, Leti, Brisbani, Armando, Uriel, Lupe, Tomas, Maria, Matthew

Bread of Life (John 6:48) Prayer Group

Henry, Mattie, Bridget, Renate

Evelia, Jarod, Ana, Samantha, Johathan, Karime, Jesus Jr.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Mia, Fr B, Virginia, Susan, Elma, Rita, Dick, Maggie, Leo, Gordy

Float representing Seven Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Communion, Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of Sick, Reconciliation

L-R: Virginia, Gordy, Maggie, Dick, Rita, Leo, Elma, Susan, Sonny, Mia, Fr. B

Elma & Virginia are earliest baptized at SMV who are still parishioners; Sonny & Susan earliest married, Dick & Rita are pioneer parishioners, Leo has Knights of Columbus regalia, Mia First Communion dress

w/ Carmen & Guadalupe Dancers, Horse & Rider represents Ixtapa

Josh representing Boy Scout Troop #53 with American Flag, Gerardo with Knights of Columbus sash & Church Flag

Jan Dee - President of St. Vincent de Paul

Guadalupe Dancers - Conchita & Alma with Our Lady of Guadalupe Banners, Marta with picture of Our Lady & Blessed Pope John Paul II

Doug, Dwight, Cathy

Dean & Austin

w/ Harry

traditional dancers

Milo, Rosa, Samantha, Austin, Elena

SMV group beginning march in parade

Pictures by Grand Knight Tom Radford (who also drove SMV float), Meri Price and Dr. Tom Bowman

Removal of dying trees from front on rectory, August 24

(special thanks to Juan Gonzalez)

looking east

Dwight, Cathy, Steve: clean-up on August 25

with Marcus Daly of Marian Caskets

Visit of Lupe, Reina, Rica, Rhodora, Isabel & Lorenzo - for Third Anniversary Mass for Fr. Ramon Velasco, August 25

Baptism of Adriana Guadalupe, August 19, 9:30 am

L-R: Gabriel Pulido & Erika (padrinos); Israel Villagomez & Alejandra (parents), Markie (server)

Adriana (Lauren & Karen in background)

with brothers & sisters of Adriana

Baptisms at noon Masses: Violeta, Sergio, Arely, Ashley

Fr. Jaime Perez - celebrant

Baptism of Colton, August 18, 5 pm

receiving anointing with oil of catechumens

with godparents and mom

Parish Fix-It, August 18, Jim M removing concrete posts

posts removed from lawn area

pruning walnut tree, Bill K

fixing area of roof damaged by squirrels, John L

patch over opening made by squirrels

section opened to check for water damage, deterioration

section covered (south corner of parish hall)

cracking in membranes above soffits

pictures by Steve S

evidence of water damage in soffits

water stains on wall below soffits

stains around vents show leakage

blessings of bicycles, Pat & Georgene (they rode to Fix-It morning)

Retreat - Renewal in Holy Spirit, August 18-19

Padre Jaime Alberto Perez Villegas, retreat director

Also: Andres & Katia Arango

Class for children during retreat, Evelia, Chito & children

Ana & children

Margarito & Domy

Leticia, Martha & children

Reception of Linda + Anointing of Sick, August 14

L-R: Karen, Fr B, Linda, Bernie, Amy, Cathy, Sr. B

First Communion of Jayden, August 12

L-R: Blake, Fr B, Blake Jr, Jayden, Terri

Presentation of Ashley

Presentation of Amirah

L-R: Juan Carlos, Anita, Amirah, Fr. B, Isabel, Abel

Cathy Ortiz, Mike Valdez

XV of Itzia, Chamberlain Federico, Aug 11

Claudia, Chamberlain Francisco

Itzia w/ Chambelanes

Claudia w/ godmother, mom, chambelanes

XV Blessing of Samantha

with parents Juan & Hilda Castillo

Monroe Police Officer Scott Kormish: Presentation of Protecting Children from Gang Activity, August 5, after noon Mass

Community Service Officer LaDonna Whalen addressing home & neighborhood security

Farewell Reception for Patrick Sherrard, with Jack Smitchger after 9:30 am Mass

Leo & Justin

Kay, Jan, Morgan

Aaron & Aedan

Ranelle & Arielle

Georgina, Nancy, Yolanda, Jane

Georgina, Samantha, Nancy, Patrick, Jane, Susan, Aaron, Yolanda

3-Year Old Blessing of Lizeth, Parents: Margarito & Domitila Montiel

Soccer Tournament, August 4 (World Youth Day Fund Raising Event)

Winners of Junior Trophy: Monroe Saints

Adult Trophy: Los Puntuales


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In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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