St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

March 2011

Generations of Faith
(March 30, 2011)

First Reconciliation & Communion Class perform song

enanctment of woman who washed Jesus' feet

Matt & Andrea taking oath as Marriage Advocates, Ryan holding Bible

Senior Prom
(March 26)

Learning Dance Steps: Hannah & John, Cathy & Dennis, Debbie & Michael, Sr. B & Ryan

Ryan & Sr. B

Cathy, Leo, Freda, Gerald, Rosario, Andrew

Monrovians: Rudy, Lorraine & Leonard

Leo, Tricia, Andrew

Dwight & Claudia lead Conga Line

Theology of the Body Retreat
(World Youth Day event - March 19, 2011, Holy Family Seattle)

Vernon Wells introducing speakers

Sister Miriam James Heidland: Introduction to Theology of Body and God's Plan for Us

Dario Mobini: Joseph...the perfect model of manhood (presentation for young men)

Kristine Mauss: Women, God's Masterpiece (for young ladies)

Bishop Joseph Tyson

Bishop Tyson


Sr. Miriam, Kristine, Bishop Tyson, Dario

Photos above by Fred Cavazos

Adam, Ryan, Aaron, Alane, Arielle

Joe, Teresa, Diana

Kristine Mauss

Repainting the Parish Office
(by volunteer group, March 12-19)

Jorge & Fatima

Ulises, Luis, Jorge, Fatima, Rosa, Antonio

Fatima, Rosa, Antonio (on ladder)

Ulises, Joel, Fatima, Gabriel, Rosa & Jorge (w/ Sam) finishing painting of parish office: Thank you for purchasing paint for all the work involved!

March 12 Fix-It Day: Oscar changing bulb, Jim steadying ladder

Florencio, Jesus, Martin & Jose removing moss from church roof

Olivia & Margarita making new covering for piano

Samwise 9th birthday (March 11) Sr. Barbara presenting cornbread with candle, Jorge & Fatima observing

Sam on Camano

Sam waiting for signal (dog biscuit at his feet)

Rebecca Boll - Voted "best chili" (w/ Royce - organizer of March 5 Chili Cook-Off) Thanks also to Arielle, Andrea and Royce who also prepared delicious chili

Kelsey, Peter, Arielle

Amy & Ralph

Catherine & Roberta

Rebecca, Jessica & Jeremy

Nick & Matt

Freda & Cathy

Baptism of Sofia, Parents: Agustin & Ivon; Godparents (and grandparents) Dr. Mike & Vilma

w/ "abuelita"

Quince Aņos celebration of Rosario, March 5

Mardi-Gras for Middle School Youth, March 5

Yolanda and Sharon serving

Sr. B & me w/ Karen


putting away bells, alleluia, gloria for Lent

February 2011

In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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Spring Clean-Up, 20 March 2010, Limpieza de Primavera

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Landscaping Needs at St. Mary's

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Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

Generations of Faith

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