St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

April 2011

Tea with Gabriel Angels: Kathy, Mildred (?), Donna, Kay, Pat, Ranelle, Sr. Barbara, April 30

Baptism of Alexa, April 30

Generations of Faith, April 27

Leo, Lisa, Doug, Lynette & Patrick

Lisa, Pete

Harriet, Thomas


Emily, Connor

Sr. Barbara

Easter Vigil
(Vigilia de Pascua de Resurreccion, April 23)

New Fire: Gabriel, Samantha, Gregor

Blessing new fire

Service of Light - Easter Proclamation ("Exultet")

Victoria Faustina


Blessing Baptismal Fount

Baptism of Victoria

Baptism of James Patrick


Reception into Catholic Church - Rick with sponsor Bryan


Sign of Peace after Confirmation - Rick

Confirmation of Bryan

Gregor, Sheila, Dennis, Debra, Bryan, Vicki, Fr. B, Jim, Rick

Easter Egg Hunt


Ralph & Megan - and Eryn

families in Shrine area

in church

with prize winners

60th Anniversary of Alfredo & Serenia

Easter Sunday baptisms

Holy Saturday: Pesame a la Virgen (Condolences to the Virgin)

Dinner at Hacienda Restaurant, April 18, for Youth from St. Mary of the Valley (August World Youth Day)

Kay, Sr. Barbara, Gordon, Sarah, Tonya, Julius, Mike, Linda, Greg, Fr. Phil, Melanie, Maggie, Jan, Ron

Maggie, Jan, Ron, Kay, Sr. B, Gordy

Happy priest with "Pescado Frito," sister Melanie

Esther, Linda, Greg, Sarah, Melanie

Spring Clean
(Limpieza de Primavera, April 16, 2011)

Juan trimming

Miguel & Manuel

Manuel, Jr., & David

Adan & Monica (reflected)

Adrian, Jose, Adan Sr., Steve, Benjaminl

Maria, Jessica, Nancy, Samwise


Tatiana with mom, Florentia






Jim, Miguel & Luis Antonio

Matt, David, Manuel

Austin & Jose (Romo)

Adan & Manny

la abuelita Maria

Juan (limb falling)

Eliceo, Jim, Miguel, Jesus & Juan

Ryan, Claudia et al

Japanese Maple dedicated to Fr. Frankovic

East entrance

Nan mending finger on statue of Our Lady of the Valley

Nan & Tom




Dwight fixing hall entrance door

Fr B, Leo, Sam








Bryan & Steve

Sam on new cover to space under rectory, constucted by Bill K & John L

Quinceneras: Jazmin (Apr 30), Karina (Aug 6), Sarah (Nov 19), Raquel - Catechist, Seida (Sep 10), Germali (May 28), Michelle (June 25)

Mass with Archbishop J. Peter Sartain
(St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Everett, April 11, 2011)

Dr. Tom, Nancy, Sr. B, Fr. B, Kay, Ranelle, Ryan, Alane

Archbishop Sartain & Sister Barbara

Archbishop, Kay, Ryan, Sr. B, Nancy, Tom, Alane

Alane, Dr. Tom, Nancy, Archbishop, Ryan, Kay, Ranelle

Sr. Barbara & Samwise

Julia, Brian, Anca, Fr. B, Samwise

picture by Sr. Barbara

Julia having Sam catch a biscuit

running with Sam

Training Sam to wait


above Sam's house

Brian, Julia, Anca


We have finally begun the work on our rest rooms

work on restrooms continues

Chas & Steve, April 29

Adrian Mendez (parishioner volunteering talent to paint ceilings)

newly painted ceiling

volunteers Adrian, Nick & Bill working on restroom renovation

John installing mirror

Blessing of restrooms May 8

40 Days for Life
(Youth Prayer Vigil at Everett Planned Parenthood, April 4, 2011)

Martin, Amy, Erika, Cris, Julie, Abby, Fr. B, Ryan, Miano, Hannah, Megan, Diana, Thomas, Eryn, Oscar, Ralph, Samwise

Picture by Brad

Martin, Amy, Erin, Cris, Erika, Fr B, Julie, Abby, Ryan, Miano, Samwise, Hannah, Diana, Thomas, Eryn, Schola, Ralph, Cliff, Brad

Picture by Dawn

Fun Run
(World Youth Day event at Lake Tye Park, April 2, 2011)

Opening Prayer, Pat, Georgene, Andrea, Austin, Fr B

Starting Line: Royce, Austin, Todd, Rose, Norberto, Miano

(Monroe Monitor photographer, Jim Scolman, in foreground)

Andrea, Amy, Sr. B, Pat, Robin, Kelsey

Pat, Sr. B, Georgene, Robin, Kelsey

Finish line: Royce & Christian


Todd, Fr. B & Samwise

Ladies finishing 5k run





Royce, Christian, Robin, Kelsey, Arielle

sisters - Georgene & Pat

Michael, Julie

Maria & friend

Third Place (Ladies), Stacie Gwilt

Second Place, Allison Craig

First Place, Cheri Hurst (Miano in middle)

Second Place (Men), Austin Mitchell

First Place, Matt Jankowski

(Third Place, Ron Burnett)

Ryan & Bill


Scouts - putting in weed covers for Shrine of Our Lady, April 2

James, Uday, Byron, Nathan, Daniel, Bobby, Mathew, Tim, Steve, Dany, Ann, Samwise

Shrine with bark & some new plants & flowers, April 19


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In a meeting with Archbishop Sartain, he greeted me as his "twin" and told me that people have confused us. One guy said to him, "Good to see you, Father." Archbishop Sartain said he didn't think too much about it because people sometimes call him, "Father." Later the guy came back, all apologies, saying, "I am sorry, Archbishop, I thought you were Father Bloom!" A person in Renton made the same mistake. Other people (perhaps with better eyesight) have said I look like I could be his uncle or older brother...
picture by Linda Mizokawa

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