St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

May 2010

First Communions, May 30

Rasamy & Stanlynne, Tyler, Shanden & Noah

Baptisms at 5 p.m. Mass, May 29: Margaret Marie Vilchis (parents - Luis & Jessica; godparents - Luis & Rosalinda); Miguel Adrian Limon (parents - Luis & Mirna; godparents - Miguel & Norbertha); Daisi Sarai Luna (parents - Jose & Raquel; godprents - Jose & Eloisa)

Baptism of Pieter, Parents: Vince and Anna, along with grandparents, Chris and Jan Kloeck and Laura (aunt & godmother)

Steven's Pass, May 30

Fr. Jim Coleman & Sam

Deception Falls, near Index

Everett Arboretum at Legion Park, May 31

World Youth Day 2011 information meeting, May 26
Standing: Ryan, Ruby, Grace, Michelle, Clayton, Marnie, Abby, Jessica, Catherine, Vernon, Oscar, Christian, Mary Grace, Martha, Christopher
Seated: Meghan, Tricia, Fr. Bloom, Sr. Barbara (picture by Roberta Tansey)

Crossroad Pro-Life Walk Across America, after 9 a.m. Mass, May 25

Bishop Raimundo Revoredo Ruiz & Fr. Phil Bloom, Pentecost Sunday, May 23

with servers DéOzhané, Samantha & Elliott

Meet & Greet with Family of Martin & Martha Juarez

with "novios" Jorge & Fatima (wedding - August 28)

First Anniversary Mass for Esperanza Rich, May 22, Holyrood Cemetery

with Dave & Pat, Dot, Melanie, Pauline (picture by Harry Coveny)

Benjamin Hills grave, burial at Camano Cemetery, May 15

Pilgrimage for Priests Mass at St. John Vianney, Kirkland: Frs. Ramon Santa Cruz, Frank Schuster, Kurt Nagel

refreshments in hall after Mass

Tom Radford representing St. Mary of the Valley

First Communion, May 16

Children (L-R): Katherine, Milo, Julie, Kaycee, Brianna, Tessa, Elijah, Joshua, Emily, Dylan, Blaire, Connor, Maya
Above: Jennifer Hoff, Bishop Raimundo Revoredo Ruiz, Fr. Phillip Bloom, Jan Gill

Jan & Jenni directing entrance procession

Reception after Mass

Milo & sister

Jones family

Maggie, Yolanda, Kathy, Sr. Barbara

Blaire (parents: Jessica & Justin)

Brianna (parents: Jaime & Carmen)

Family of Maya Garcia Ochoa (parents: Javier & Guadalupe)

Kaycee (parents: Bill & Julie)

Katherine (parents: Chris & Barbara)

O'Halloran family with catechist Jan Gill)

Connor (parents: Gabe & Kristen)

Julie (parents: Oscar & Maria)

Elijah (parents: Kevin & Tracy)

Elijah with grandparents

Milo (parents: Austin & Rose)

Lisa, Wallene, Fr. Bloom, Bishop Revoredo, Sr. Barbara, Teresa
Elizabeth, Katrina, DéOzhané, Sharon

same w/ Maggie

Deacon Abel Magańa, P. Felipe, Leticia

Micheel, P. Felipe, Leticia

Bishop Raimundo Revoredo Ruiz, May 11

With Knights: Austin, Henry, Allan, Tom, Leo, Joe, Fr. Bloom, Dominic (after May 11 meeting)

Lewis Street boat launch with Samwise, May 12

Skykomish River

Al Borlin Park

Knights of Columbus Mothers Day Breakfast, May 9: Hannah, Leo, Ralph, Joe, James, Tom, Mike, Dom, Oscar & Austin

Elliott, Alicia, Teresa, Ryan & friend

Hannah, Thomas, Diana, Michael, John Michael

Abby, Maria, Guadalupe, Matthew, Julia, Ludwing

Virginia, Mary, Harriet, Mattie, Christina, Sr. Barbara

Mary & friend

Susan, Aedan, Todd, Addison, Arielle

Hlavaka's, Martinoli's & friends: Steve, Elizabeth, Steve, Josh, Nick, Aaron, Lavigna, Mary, Marianne, Julie & Bill

Morganne & grandmother

Festival de Madres, Mothers Day Festival, May 8

First Communion of Logan Maue, May 9

St. Mary of the Valley Church, east corner, May 9, 8:30 a.m.

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