St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

August 2010

Parish Picnic, August 29

James, Tom & Bill

Adam & Arielle - tickets for children's games


Josh ("my bodyguard" w/ bee sting)

Peter, Robin, Kay, Jan

Ralph, Steve, Deanna

Eloisa, Jose, Natalie

Celine & Amy

Evelyne, Austin


Uriel, Leo


Erika, Brenda & friend

Katee, Tony & Manny

Ruby & Mary


Maria Antonieta

Jose Luna family

Anne, Alicia & Nan

Katryn II, Katryn, Joaquin

Dwight & Claudia

Rosalind, Bill, Bill


Jesus, Abby, Antonio, Patricia, Manuel, Oscar & Alex

Patricia & Jesus (Lalo)


Parade Parking, August 28

Susan, Leonor, Mayra, Brieanna & Ralph preparing snacks for sale

Jessica preparing receipts for WYD donations

Eloisa, Adam, Samwise & Peter

Ryan, Adam, Sam

Mayra, Luis, Sam & Adam

World Youth Day Concert, August 28

Sr. Barbara & Elizabeth

Martin & Martha Juarez - wedding of daughter, Fatima, August 28 - Boda de Fatima y Jorge

Jorge & Fatima

25th anniversary of Enrique & Martha - Bodas de Plata, 28 de agosto

Rocelia & Jose

Baptism of Morganne (Mom - Angela; Godmother - Jan) & Keagan (Mom - Angela; godparents - Greg & Mariah)


Blessing by Bishop Eusebio Elizondo

Jan, Leslie, Morganne, Fr. B, Keagan, Angela, Mariah & Greg

Baptism of Chris & Daniel (Parents - Denis & Ana; Godparents - Martin & Angeles; Cristobabl & Blanca)

Soccer Tournament - Torneo de Futbol

, August 21, 2011, World Youth Day Fund Raising Event

Future Champion (this & photos below by Sr. Barbara)

Youth team

Children's team



Grilled chicken & steaks, Jesus & Uriel

Marni & Miano serving corn on cob with mayo & parmesan

Chito & Ryan

with James & Theresa


First Place Teams

Merrill Gardens: Tom S., DeOzhane, Fr. Bloom, Freda, Leo, Mary, Anneke, Marjorie, Elizabeth, Gerald, Theresa, Norma, Mildred

(Catholic residents not pictured: Arnold, Keith, Mary Jane, Dolly, Wanda & Tom P.)

Leo S., Bob, Tom, Fr. B, Leo M.

Pat Bell

Baptism of Zahira, August 22 (Parents - Ismael & Fabiola; Godparents -Juvenal & Tania) pictures by Sr. Barbara

Wedding of Bonifacio & Martha, August 21

with daughters Samantha & Alondra

Wedding of Mario & Diana, also August 21

Diana w/ her mom & dad


with Sr. Barbara & Duane Skillen, after service for son John, August 20

Terry & Miriam Reynolds, August 14, Deacon Anselmo Pardo in background

offering flowers to Blessed Virgin Mary

Daniel & Anahim

with marriage certificate

offering of flowers

Shrine of Our Lady with vase container for names of departed loved ones

August 12 Prayer Service - explaining the ribbon colors: white = faith, green = hope, red = love

Julie placing the memorial scroll in container

Youth and adults after prayer service

August 6,7,8 Garage Sale for World Youth Day 2011

Ruby, Susan & Todd

Sr. Barbara, Maria, Martha & Christopher

Arielle, Kelsey & Adam

Jessica & Abby

Tricia, James, Christian & Teresa

Patricia & Ryan

Josh, Amy & Jesus


Kendra, Jerry & Janishay

Jessica, Abby & satisfied shopper

Kelsey, Kay & Robin


Sr. Barbara, Tricia & Marni

Royce, Marni, Markie

Tricia (& Mason)


Robin, Adam & Clayton

Steve testing exercise equipment

Chris & Adam


Kermes (Bazaar), Aug 7, Armando & Arturo - Carne Asada


Jorge & Fatima

children enjoying rain

band under tarp

children with Samwise

Leticia & Perla

Abby & friends

testing fruit & cracklings

face painting


Tania - face painting



Renovation of church sign by Building Commission, Tom & Nan (Steve & Knights set posts)

Sidewalk extension on West Columbia St. - Aug 5

view of church from south, August 5

Reptile Zoo, Aug 5

Daniel & Angelina, convalidation - Aug 5

Mary Gail, Julie & Matthew

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