St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA - beginning July 2009, Fr. Phil Bloom)

December 2009

Silvina, children & grandchildren keeping parking lot clean

Dave replacing damaged carpet

Maryann, Michael & Samwise

Knights of Columbus lifting up Christmas tree

Parish Council, Dec. 16

Presentation of Jael, Dec. 13

Fortieth Anniversary of Jorge & Gladys Diaz, Christ the King, Dec. 13, with Fr. Ray Cleaveland

Sam, Dec. 14, Camano

Beach Christmas decoration

Uncle Louie with grand-niece, Hannah, & grand-nephew, Gabe

Rite of Enrollment, Dec. 6

Presentation of Sister and brother, Dec. 6

Concierto de Alabanza, Concert of Praise, Dec. 5

Building Commission, December 1

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Our Lady of Guadalupe & Pastorela

Generations of Faith

(Religious Education Program)

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Pictures from Peru

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From Holy Family (1995-2009):

2009 Pilgrimage to St. James Cathedral

Pictures from 2009 March for Life

Prayer Vigil at West Seattle Planned Parenthood

Fabian, Planned Parenthood Puppy:

Pictures from 2008 Visit to Peru

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