St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

July 2017

Removal & Replacement of Fascia Board, Week of July 17 -21

Old fascia board shows signs of rot

New Fascia Board

Jesus, Enrique, Edwin

New beauty bark for rectory yard, July 21

Roses for Our Lady, July 21

Kermes (fundraising carnival), July 15

XV of Corayma, July 15

Natasha; Luis & Carolina Chavez (parents), Monica, Johan & Luis (siblings)


Hot Air Balloon Ride, July 11

with Fr. Jim Coyne

Snoqualmie Valley & Monroe

Woodinville Duvall Area (Cascades in distance)

Bear Creek Gold Course (landing)

Lazo (wedding cord) Austrian Style

Wedding of Florencio & Olga, July 8

XV of Ashley with parents Rafael & Enedina, brothers Miguel & Diego

Wedding of Juvenal & Estela, July 8 (with children)

Baptisms, July 8

Wedding of Jose & Elvira, July 2


Parents: Agustin & Araceli

Bernard, Kevin, Marlene, Efrain, Michael


Baptism of Joseph Emilio, July 1

Blessing of padrino, Erick

Erick & Selena (padrinos), Kena & Jose (parents)

XV of Yadira




3-yr-old blessings of Adilene Guadalupe; Erika (madrina), Genaro (dad), Soledad (mom)


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2015 Peru Mission Trip

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

with gratitude to Mary Bloom Center donors