St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

February 2019

January 2019

with Sister Carmen & Rosie Cotton, January 31

Signing Covenant for Sister Carmen

Knights Steak Dinner, January 26

Baptism Jan 26

Prayer send-off for Catholic Youth Convention

Wedding (convalidation) of Stacey & Wendy; Elizabeth & Dan witnesses Jan 17

Epiphany marking door lintels to welcome Magi

20 + C + M + B + 19: Epiphany tradition of door marking evokes Magi, asks God's blessings in new year

Baptism of Ximena Galilea: Eder Manael Flores & Glenda (parents), Maria Esmeralda,January 12

Baptism of Joshua Jayden: Fr. Jose de Jesus Padilla (padrino), Yolanda & Guillermo Padilla (parents)

XV of Angelica Yareli, Jan 12

Hnas. Neyda & Carmen

Fr Bloom & Sister Carmen


Peruvian products in my kitchen

Rosie undaunted by dinosaur driftwood, Jan 7

Scene on Camano - Cavalero Beach Park

twins + sister

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2018 Peru Mission Trip

2015 Peru Mission Trip

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

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