St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

May 2017

Sister Barbara & Amirah at Mary's Garden, May 28

50th Wedding Anniversary of Benito & Rosalba, May 27

Double Wedding: Ludwing, Anlly, Jenny, Gerardo (Anlly & Jenny are sisters), May 27

Baptisms, May 27

Anointing Noah with oil of catechumens

Gumercindo & Maria de Jesus Mirando (parents), Josue, Graciano & Elsa Montesinos (padrinos(+)

L-R: Gumercindo & Maria de Jesus Miranda (parents), Mia, Tania & Juvenal Torres (padrinos)

Jeymee & Pedro Medina, Gianluca Martin, Jose & Esmeralda Padilla

Juan & Maria Anguiano (padrinos), Noah Emanuel, Juan & Mayra Medina

Paulino & Ana Berta Cruz (padrinos), Zayden, Jonathan & Riley (parents)

Roberto & Jamie Ibarra (godparents), Adrian Jordan, Maria & Michael Bondoc

Alejandra & Salvador Ortega (padrinos), Kevin, Isabel & Noe Mendoza (parents)

Noe & Isabel, Kristy, Veronica & Emigdio (padrinos)

First Communions, May 21

Blessing and Farewell for Larry, Cheryl & Alan Clement

6th Annual Mary Bloom Center Auction (May 20)

Blessing of couples with anniversary of matrimony, May 15

Mother's Day blessing of moms

White roses from Knights of Columbus

Double kiss roses from youth

Baptism of Natalie

Eric & Ariana (padrinos); Isabel & Julio (parents)

Baptism, May 14

anointing with sacred chrism

Receive the light of Christ

Blessing of moms

Blessing of dads

L-R: Rosa & Romualdo, Cesar, Jose & Selmia

Ana & Andres (godparents), Adrian, Roberto & Nereida (parents)

Jan & Susana Guzman (parents), Anthony, Maritzabel & Reynaldo

Juan & Maria (padrinos), Bryan, Maria & Arturo Flores (parents)

Mayra & Jose Garcia (parents), Adelaida, Arcelia & Nereo (godparents)

Jose & Mayra Ruiz (parents), Kaila, Olivia & Rogelio (padrinos)

Patricio & Lucia Pacheco (parents), Gabriela, Felipe (padrino)

First Communions, May 14

Mother's Day blessing of moms, 5 pm Mass

Baptism of Leo, May 14

Joey & Gregor, Jamie & Candice

Elena & Noah

Teresa & Noah

XV of Lili & Gabriela, May 6

Gabriela with parents


Living Rosary, May 4

Fr. Joseph Petosa died May 5

April 2017

Knights lead rosary after weekend Masses (Apr 29-30)

Tamale preparation crew for Fr. Valencia memorial & assistance fund

Baptisms, April 29

(Blessing of Dads - Adrian & son Andres)

L-R: Salvador & Thania Fierro (parents), Aaron, Araceli & Victor Trujillo (padrinos)


L-R: Jose & Maria Fraga, Nathan Adrian, Maria & Luis Sanchez


L-R: Erick & Melissa with goddaughter Kassandra; Juan & Maria Torres (padrinos de Raymond, Levi & Franky), Blanca (mom of 4) with Levi, Cesar (dad of 4) w/ Franky; Raymond in front

Adrian & Jenoveva Alonso, Andres, Veronica


Andres with Veronica

Rosie Cotton

Blessing of Engaged Couple, Apr 23, Number 24!

Blessing of Couples with April Anniversary of Matrimony

Wedding of Cris & Erika, April 22

XV of Carmen, Apr 22

XV of Leslie, Apr 22

First Communion Retreat, April 22

Easter Vigil, April 15

Palm Sunday, April 9

Men's Conference, April 8


Harry, John, Bill

Mary Bloom Center Booth - Kari & Shari

Chrism Mass - Oil of Sick, Catechumens & Sacred Chrism

Archbishop Sartain & Bishop-Elect Mueggenborg

Retreat for Parents - Retiro Para Papas, April 1


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2015 Peru Mission Trip

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

with gratitude to Mary Bloom Center donors