St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

September 2019

Dani June, Sept 28

Wedding of Francisco & Vicky

Knights Day of Reflection

August 2019

New Monitors

Parish Picnic, Aug 18

Roses for Our Lady

Wedding, Mitchel & Tori, Aug 17

Iban & Susana

William & Yenifer

XV of Perla

parish: Ernestino & Aminely

Padrinos Wilver & Guadalupe + Chambelanes

First Communions - Sherly & Isamar, Aug 10

XV of Ahlia

XV of Jaelene

Wedding of Rodolfo & Aide

Baptism of Adelinn



Ernesto & Alberto

Vacation Bible School, Aug 5-9

July 2019

Kermes de Caridad - Mexican Fair

Pruning plum trees, July 16

Juan Gonzalez, son Juan, Tomas Carbajal

Baptism of Abdiel, July 13

Parents: Erik & Sandra; padrinos: Carlos & Reyna

Bryan Gael

Parents: Baldemar & Ariana; padrinos: Alfonso & Rosalba


mom: Fabiola; madrina: Berta


Parents: Jonathan & Mariajose; Padrinos: Raul & Alejandra


Parents: Travis & Morgan; godparents: Jesse & Tiffany


Parents: Alejando & Mariela; Padrinos: Jesus Angel & Adelaida

XV of Sandra

Parents: Leonardo & Cecilia, brother Leonardo


Presentation of Sofia

Parents: Eutiquio & Maria; Padrinos: Imer & Anahi

Funeral of Leo Moore, July 2

Burial, July 20

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2018 Peru Mission Trip

2015 Peru Mission Trip

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

with gratitude to Mary Bloom Center donors