St Mary of the Valley

(Monroe, WA, Fr Phil Bloom, Pastor since July 2009)

July 2019

Pruning plum trees, July 16

Juan Gonzalez, son Juan, Tomas Carbajal

Baptism of Abdiel, July 13

Parents: Erik & Sandra; padrinos: Carlos & Reyna

Bryan Gael

Parents: Baldemar & Ariana; padrinos: Alfonso & Rosalba


mom: Fabiola; madrina: Berta


Parents: Jonathan & Mariajose; Padrinos: Raul & Alejandra


Parents: Travis & Morgan; godparents: Jesse & Tiffany


Parents: Alejando & Mariela; Padrinos: Jesus Angel & Adelaida

XV of Sandra

Parents: Leonardo & Cecilia, brother Leonardo


Presentation of Sofia

Parents: Eutiquio & Maria; Padrinos: Imer & Anahi

Funeral of Leo Moore, July 2

Burial, July 20

June 2019

After 9 years of being Archbishop Sartain's body double I am passing the baton to Fr Bryan Hersey to do the same for Archbishop Etienne

(Priest Days at Ocean Shores, June 19)

XV of Giselle, June 15

Mother Carmen and me with two gorgeous grads - Markie & Kyleigh, June 15)

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

XV Blessing for Amy, March 23

Pilgrims to Fatima, March 21

First Reconciliation, Mar 21

Skykomish River, March 19

Joy of Spring, March 17

Rosie at Camano, Mar 11

with Ashley and her mom, Mar 10

Rite of Election, Mar 6

Chris & Steve

Presentation, Mar 3

February 2019

Feb 4 Snow

January 2019

with Sister Carmen & Rosie Cotton, January 31

Signing Covenant for Sister Carmen

Knights Steak Dinner, January 26

Baptism Jan 26

Prayer send-off for Catholic Youth Convention

Liturgical Training (don't ask), Jan 19

Wedding (convalidation) of Stacey & Wendy; Elizabeth & Dan witnesses Jan 17

Epiphany marking door lintels to welcome Magi

20 + C + M + B + 19: Epiphany tradition of door marking evokes Magi, asks God's blessings in new year

Baptism of Ximena Galilea: Eder Manael Flores & Glenda (parents), Maria Esmeralda,January 12

Baptism of Joshua Jayden: Fr. Jose de Jesus Padilla (padrino), Yolanda & Guillermo Padilla (parents)

XV of Angelica Yareli, Jan 12

Hnas. Neyda & Carmen

Fr Bloom & Sister Carmen


Peruvian products in my kitchen

Rosie undaunted by dinosaur driftwood, Jan 7

Scene on Camano - Cavalero Beach Park

twins + sister

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2018 Peru Mission Trip

2015 Peru Mission Trip

Blessing the New Home of Felipe & Maria

with gratitude to Mary Bloom Center donors