Sample letter, courtesy of Tim Hope

Dear President Bush,

I urge you to resist the call from some in our party who claim to be pro-life and yet would sacrifice the embryo for some "greater good". The end does not justify the means. Once we start down this slippery slope, we will start to use the body parts of larger aborted babies for research, then the elderly and the disabled. These tiny humans are not able to speak for themselves. Please help them. Adult stem cells seem much more valuable for helping the disabled, why are we not emphasizing this source? Because mankind wants to justify the continued exploitation of the embryo through in vitro fertilization.

Please do not have the government soil its hands with this proposal. Instead propose the funding of adult stem cell research alone and challenge these scientists to prove that this source is inferior to the alternative. Please use the John Paul II institute, they can help you formulate your response.

God bless,

Tim Hope
Kent WA


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