Masturbation for Sperm Sample?

Fr. Bloom,

About a year ago I e-mailed you a question concerning having a vasectomy reversal. Your remarks were very helpful, and I did read the book by Kippley that you suggested. Thanks! You seem to be a wonderful priest and your website has been a great source of information and inspiration. I just had the surgery today, and my doctor has indicated that he would like me to provide several semen samples over the next few weeks to evaluate the effectiveness of the surgery since there is only about a 50% chance that it will be effective.

Would it be morally acceptable to masturbate for this purpose? Obviously I would do it without the aid of any pornography and try not to enjoy it too much ;-). One idea is that I could simply not have my semen analyzed. There is no medical reaon to do it other for finding out whether the surgery was effective. I'll know that the surgery worked if my wife becomes pregnant. If, after a long time, she is not pregnant, I cam assume it didn't work. Another concern for me is that masturbation is a bad habit that I have only recently been able to overcome, and I'd hate to find myself falling back into my old habits.

Thanks for your time.



Dear J,

Great to hear from you - and about the reverse vasectomy. I will pray that you and your wife will be able to conceive a child. I recommend just placing it in God's hands. There is a morally acceptable way of obtaining a sperm sample, but it involves integral intercourse with ones wife.

Please do not neglect prayers to St. Anthony. I know a few couples here who have become pregnant after asking for his intercession.

God bless - and do let me know how everything goes.

Fr. Phil Bloom