Dear Father:

I rather think that social nudism would detract from modesty. I have the benefit (!), if one could call it that, of having endorsed that particular view from time to time, though never from a Christian perspective, and did not worry particularly about modesty while I did. I went with Robert A. Heinlein on the subject (see The Puppet Masters and others, if you can tolerate somewhat scandalous modern fiction), who basically said that "ugly bodies are like ugly cars," if I quote him correctly, and that you just stopped noticing that other people were naked after a while. I wonder now that I am a Catholic. People said the same thing about short skirts, I do not doubt, but people still stare in an adulterous oogle every time a woman in a short skirt walks past them. All in all, I think we have more than enough skin exposed right now, and that it is causing more than enough trouble right now; we do not need more skin nor more trouble.

Omnipotens Deus te benedicat,

Donald Patrick Goodman III