To: Fr Phil Bloom
From: Darden Brock of Peter's Net
Subject: Re: Site Review

Description:The purpose of Fr. Bloom's website in his words are: . . to evangelize, to offer the saving truth of Jesus, especially to young people surfing the Internet (and perhaps asking "What is God's plan for my life?"). . . People both outside and within the Church have attempted compromise answers to these questions. In this website I try to show that those attempts are flawed. Only a "yes" or a "no" will really do in the long run. Of course, I hope your answer will be "yes." However, I cannot argue anyone to that conclusion. Faith alone makes that "yes" possible. I do hope I can remove some obstacles by showing it is not unreasonable to believe that God exists, that Jesus is God and He founded the Catholic Church.

Father certainly does a very good job using modern communication to reach out and explain different aspects of the Faith to any and all who will listen. We recommend you visit Father's site. In this time of confusion it is encouraging to find a good priest who is on top of the modern crisis and can help others to stay on the road to Christ.

Implementation:B (Purpose: A; Maintenance: A; Organization: B; Appearance: D)


Note: I appreciated the review and will be working on the appearance. Any suggestions? (Darden already suggested changing the gray background to white which I have done in the most commonly accessed files.)