Re: Your comments on Secular Humanism

Oh Pooh sir! The arrogance is all yours. Many of us apparently do not have the intelligence that you have, to see the work of God in our everyday affairs. We also do not see the hand of God in the work of the Papists in the rape of all Europe and England in the middle ages, or of the Church of England under a succession of Kings as they gobbled up a third of all the lands. Did God taint those who were introduced to the Nation of Islam by accident of Birth? Or those who's lessons in Hinduism led them in that direction?

No, speak the words of canned rhetoric taught you by clever men for reasons you do not understand.

You eat your spaghetti your way, I'll eat mine my way and we'll be equal in the eyes of God (if he notices.)

Richard Cardwell


Dear Richard,

What specifically in the article struck you as "arrogance" and "canned rhetoric"? I don't recall commenting on the issues you refer to (Middle Age Papists, land hungry Anglicans, etc.) Is not your last sentence itself an example of canned rhetoric?

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. For a book which addresses many of these issues, please see my review of Reason in the Balance