"ok to pray for satan to change his ways, repent?"

Dear Father Bloom,

hello.I have a question i hope you can help me with. Do you think that it is ok to pray for satan to change his ways, repent? This is just some thing that popped into my mind the other day. Please if you have a extra minute will you write back to me on this.

Thankyou,Love,peace and hug's.



Dear maryann,

Thanks for the love, peace and hugs. I think all of need a lot of them right now. About praying for Satan to change, the answer would take us into deep theological waters. The short answer is that a pure spirit, unlike us, does not change. We are always falling in and out of love - including with God, but our changeableness has to do with being in these corruptible bodies. The moment we separate from them our orientation will be fixed - eternally. That is why it is so important to always be in the state of grace, not to think, well, tomorrow I can repent, so just "enjoy myself" today.

The devil is like one of those monomanical people we sometimes run into who seem to have only one thought. Which is why we should not try to fight him on our own. We need St. Michael, our guardian angel and of course Jesus and the saints in our struggle against the demonic powers.

And the prayers of each other. You have mine. Please remember me.

Fr. Bloom


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