I just stumbled upon your web site and I must write to tell you I was very impressed with the arguments you offered. I found them to be well considered and well "said".
I am not a Catholic, but I have had the most support and encouragement for _my_  pro-life web site from Catholic folks, and I certainly agree with your arguments against the atrocity of abortion.  My address is : http://ww1.iceinternet.com/~ravnwood/wfl.htm
Thank you for your web site. :-)
May God bless you in the work for life-


Note: Rev. Sarah Wood operates a site called "Witches For Life." Their use of the word "witch" has little to do with the dictionary definition. They claim to not worship the devil--or even believe in him. As far as I could make out their religion is old-fashioned pantheism. Nevertheless, I was happy to see someone within "New Age" pointing out the inconsistency of defending animals from fur hunters (and even trees from from woodcutters) but not defending unborn children from abortionists.