Catholicism is a tricky faith. Even if out of curiosity you take a look at it, just walk into the foyer for a little "look-see", it can catch you, make you start wondering "what if?" and "could it be?". Once you begin to question just maybe on the off e it's right, you're caught. You might as well unpack your bags because you're going to be staying for a while.

And it's not so bad. No Catholic's going to hog tie you and drag you to the altar. Far from it-- it's a lot harder to get there than in any other church, which is a good thing since Catholicism is both more familiar and stranger than you think. You can be going along, thinking you're in familiar territory and bang! in slips something that totally explodes your paradigm. It's not without reason that they want you to take a while to get to know them. It takes a while to get used to thinking sacramentally; onsider the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God as well as the Mother of Jesus-- and don't forget the Immaculate Conception, which has incredible ramifications, and the Assumption; the Vicar of Christ as the Holy Father-- your father; Holy Mother Church Magisterium; Tradition; Purgatory; Saints; going to Mass every Sunday; the Sacraments.... and Jesus on the crucifix, Jesus in heaven, Jesus in you, Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus is present in so many ways immediately all the time, it gets to be a bit unnerving. And just in case you forget, there's all sorts of sacramentals to help you remember He's right there. But don't worry-- the door's wide open and you can leave any time you like, as long as your conscience and intellectual integrity allow you to. And faith... don't forget that. Because once you begin to believe the Catholic viewpoint about certain things, how will you ever go back to where you came from?