Rite for Quinceañera

(after the homily*)

Notice: The American Bishops have published Order for Blessing on Fifteenth Birthday

Testimony of the padrinos:

Has (name) tried to faithfully serve Jesus?
Has she shown care and compassion to her neighbor?
Has she studied in order to develop the talents received from God?

Testimony of parents:

Has (name) been faithful in helping in the family?
Has she given a good example of Christian life in the home?
Does she seek to worship God in the Mass, the Sacraments and his Word?
Testimony of the girl herself:

Do you choose Jesus Christ as your Savior?
Will you follow Christ all your life?
Will you strive to live fully the Christian life?
Yes, with the help of God.

Renunciation of sin:

Do you renounce sin in order to live in the freedom of a daughter of God?
Yes, I do.
Do you renounce the empty promises of evil, so that sin might not enslave you?
Yes, I do.
Do you renounce Satan, father and author of sin?
Yes, I do.

Profession of Faith:

Do you believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth?
Yes, I do believe.
Do you believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and buried, who rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father?
Yes, I do believe.
Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead and the life to come?
Yes, I do believe.

I now invite (name) to make her Offering to God through the intercession of the Virgin Mary:


Thank you, Lord, for giving me life and for creating me in your image and likeness. Thank you for sending your Son to save me and your Holy Spirit to sanctify me. To all your love and grace, I desire to respond, Yes. And with your help, I will dedicate myself with greater generosity to serve you in my brothers and sisters.

I also dedicate myself to you, Mary, Mother of Jesus. You who were so close to Him, you are my model of faith. May I learn from you what it is to be a woman and a Christian. Help me to hear the Word of God as you did, to keep it in my heart and to live it in your service, free from all egoism. Amen.


Blessing of Gifts:

Lord, bless + this Bible, rosary, cross, medal, flowers, all these things which we bless in your name that they may be a source of joy for (name) in her journey to you. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayers of the Faithful:

Loving Father, with (name) in this celebration of her fifteen years of life, we offer these sincere prayers:

1. For our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and for our bishop ___________________ that God might help them in guiding his Holy Church, we pray to the Lord. Response: Lord, hear our prayer.

2. For our bothers and sisters who live in poverty, that we might help one another and that civil authorities might concern themselves for the most vulnerable among us, we pray to the Lord.

3. For (name), who thanks you for the gift of life, and for all our young people that they might always honor their parents and be protected by God, we pray to the Lord.

4. For the parents and sponsors of (name) and for those who have guided and helped her, we pray to the Lord.

5. That our young people discover their vocation and have the courage to follow it, we pray to the Lord.

6. For our deceased relatives, that they might rest in the peace of Christ, and receive the reward of eternal life, we pray to the Lord.

7. In a moment of silence, we remember our personal intentions (pause for ten seconds), we pray to the Lord.

Gracious Father, you always love us, your children. Listen to the needs we present to you, asking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints. Through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Final Blessing:

(Name), may the Lord bless you and keep you. R. Amen.
May he let his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. Amen.
May he look upon you kindly and give you his peace. Amen.
And may the blessing of almighty God, Father + Son and Holy Spirit, descend upon you and remain with you forever. Amen.


May the God of all consolation
bless you in every way
and grant you peace all the days of your life. R. Amen.

May he free you from all anxiety
and strengthen your heart in his love. R. Amen.

May he enrich you with his gifts of faith, hope and love,
so that what you do in this life
will bring you to the happiness of everlasting life. R. Amen.

And may the blessing of almighty God
the Father and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit,
descend upon you and remain with you forever. Amén.

Dismissal (The priest may invite the quinceañera and her parents for a picture before the dismissal.):

With the joy of this day, go in the peace of Christ to love and serve the Lord. R. Thanks be to God.

Spanish Version


Suggestions for fellow gringo priests (and deacons):

  • Put yourself in the parents' shoes. They have dreamed about this event for years and are celebrating what is most precious to them. If you do not welcome them, they will seek help elsewhere.

  • The parent-child norms of our culture are different from the ones they learned. Feeling uncertain how to best raise their children, they will welcome your support and counsel.

  • The quinceañera (fifteen year old girl) sees the dress, party, etc. as a sign of her parents' affection. Like every young person, she wants to honor her parents. She is also the key person in determining whether the upcoming generation of Hispanics will be loyal to the Church. She wants you to be her spiritual father - even if it simply means that you are "there."

  • Never say "no" to a quince años (fifteen years) celebration (XV). If you cannot do the Mass (or liturgical service) at the time the family wants, be ready to offer an alternative. "Sí, quiero celebrar los quince años de tu hija, pero no puedo hacerlo en el tiempo que Uds. indican. Tenemos otras opciones para ustedes..."

  • Since fifteenth birthdays are known well in advance, parents are often eager to make long range plans. They will be glad to know the XV policy of pastor and parish.

  • If you have a large number of families who request XV, you may want to set up specific times, say twice a month, when you may have two or more quinceañeras at the same service.

  • When doing the above ritual at a service for several quinceañeras, do the questions for parents, padrinos and quinceañeras separately. The renewal of baptismal vows can be done together and then have each girl do her ofrecimiento separately.

  • The XV can be celebrated during a Sunday (or daily) Mass. In that case, invite the quinceañera to do her ofrecimiento, but the questions can be done before the Mass or eliminated.

  • The XV is an opportunity to reach out to youth. Offer confession not only for the quinceañera, but for the other young people participating in the celebration. Classes for the quinceañera and other youth participating in the ceremony are generally well received.

  • The parish should have an up-front fee which will cover the classes, church use and stipend for the person who does the rehearsal and set-up.

  • Be patient if the XV does not start on time. The reasons might be good or bad, but you will only lose by getting irritated. Better to say a prayer, ask if anyone hasn't yet gone to confession, take a walk, read your notes, whatever. Of course, at Sunday or daily Mass, you can start and let latecomers enter when they arrive. The same would apply if a wedding is scheduled in an hour. It is best to give people a time frame: "Ustedes tendrán el uso del templo entre mediodía y dos de la tarde."

  • The homily can be done in English. Even if the parents do not speak much English, they will appreciate you directing a few words to the young people.

  • Points for a homily: Gratitude for gift of life. Commandment to honor parents (with its promise of long life and prosperity). Use of talents, importance of study to be able to serve brothers & sisters. Special need for God at this stage of life. Support of community for young people. Tell them that you care about them, pray for them. Here is my homily for a quinceañera: Spanish and English versions.

  • Use holy water for blessing of gifts (Bible, rosary, etc.) inviting those with symbols to come forward. Those presenting gifts can remain in place until the conclusion of prayer of faithful, then return to their pew.

  • After the communion prayer, the quinceañera, accompanied by parents and padrinos, will place flowers on the altar of the Virgin Mary. Have a seat and give them time. It is a special moment.

  • At the end of Mass, invite the quinceañera, as well as parents and padrinos for a picture. This will be an opportunity for the amateur (and professional) photographers to take some pictures. They will treasure the picture with the padre or deacon.

  • The family may not specifically invite you, but they will always be glad if you attend the reception. (Just ask, ¿Dondé está la recepción? and the invitation will immediately follow.)

    See also, from U.S. Bishops' Conference: Fifteen Questions on the Quinceañera

    *This is a ritual I have pieced together for personal use and am making available online until the U.S. Bishops promulgate an official rite or blessing for the quinceañera.

    Pictures of Quinceañera