Questions about Catholic Faith

(Seapadre Correspondence)

400. From Joe: "To what extent can I reject particular aspects of Church teachings/beliefs (papal infallibility, birth control, purgatory, as examples) and still be considered a Catholic in the eyes of the Church?"

401. From Carlos: "It seems the first question to be asked is whether or not God exists."

402. From Ben: "Recently my home parish has been seemingly invaded by a group from Call to Action."

403. From T: "It was so much easier before the internet. All those struggles I had in growing up with masturbation, pornography have come come back with a vengence."

404. From Len: "I read the entry about Bishop Strossmayer in the Catholic Encyclopedia, and became more troubled."

405. From Shannon: Do scandals (pedophilia, pederasty) deserve lawful prosecution.

406. From Kyle: What are seven offense which bring automatic excommunication?

407. From Pat: Is Purgatory mentioned in the Bible?

408. From Adam: "when i went off to college i met a beautiful baptist girl..."

409. From Ben: "how is it that they can even have the audacity or the right to express their opinion on zero-tolerance in the upcoming Bishops conference?"

410. From Larry: "lets see if i have this right....a priest who rapes a boy can recieve forgiveness....but a hetero male/female canNOT recieve forgiveness if they are divorced....huh???"

411. From j.b.: "on his anniversary I would like Mass to be said for him. Can this happen as he was not Catholic?"

412. From John: Nineteen Questions about Priest Pedophilia Crisis

413. From Anna: Handshake as Sign of Peace: An Unwise Practice?

414. From Marc: "I am writing you to ask you a question regarding an assignment that I am doing for Theology and Gospel."

415. From Joseph: "I have three questions based on statements made by anti-Catholic Protestants"

416. From Michelle: "I have stumbled upon some startling official Church doctrine, from the Catechism, that does not make sense to me"

417. From Ben: Re: The Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood by John F. MacArthur, Jr.


419. From Cecilia: "Will people who feel that they are pedophiles be allowed to go to confession without being scared of being turned into the police by a the Priest?"

420. From Victor: "We have discussions from time to time to explore our faith and are often lack proper guidance."

421. From Patricia: Politically Incorrect Letter to Editor Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

422. From Pedro: "I think it's important to remind our divorced Catholic brothers and sister that if they remarry they are committing adultery."

423. From Len: "Why did the Roman Catholic Church change the word of God in the Ten Commandments?"

424. From Patti: "said that my fiancé would not need to get an annulment due to the fact that neither he nor his first wife were Catholic and that they were divorced."

425. From J: "I am a beginner and was wondering if you know any books or articles that start at the beginning and explain the Catholic Church and its beliefs."

426. From More: "Since his words were interpreted, recorded and translated ( I guess it has been thousands times ) by normal human beings subjected to all the lowly human imperfections then the Bible surely is fallible..."

427. From Mary: "Do our dogs go to heaven after they die?"

428. From Valerie: "I'm having a hard time understanding why we should pray for mercy and pardon to be granted Osama bin Laden and the hijackers."

429. From Margaret: "I'm wondering how anyone can call themselves a "good" Catholic, and even VOTE for a "Pro-Choice" Democrat."

430. From Joel: "Why don't Catholics ever save the "blood" of Christ?"

431. From Colin: "questions about the morality of software/music copying even for small purposes."

432. From V: "When it came time for the priest to give me penance, the priest said he was going to give me a harsh penance..."

433. From ZD: "I am a 16 year old Catholic who is quite attached to the Mass, Sacraments, and customs of the church prior to Vatican II."

434. From Huong: What are your recommendations for every Catholic's personal library?

435. From Christopher: A question about Richard Bennett and other "former" priests and nuns who have anti-Catholic websites.

436. From Michael: "Can you help me in this crisis of faith I am undergoing.

437. From Diane: "One of the leaders in my RCIA class said that C. S. Lewis had converted to Catholicism."

438. From bg: "I wake up in the morning and feel guilty."

439. From W: Is it wrong to take Viagra?

440. From C: "Is there a book or internet site/chatroom you could recommend for someone who isn't sure about converting to the Catholic religion?"

441. From Lorena: "there's one question about the Blessed Virgin Mary that bothers me for a while now..."

442. From ID: "I suggest a good deal of understandable presumption on your part with regard to the distinguishable difference between the most primitive man and the most intelligent ape."

443. From Shelley: "Why can't this moral law you speak of be attributed to evolution?"

444. From Carolina: How does Church stand on cyrogenics?

445. From Katherine: "How should I explain to my non-catholic friends that priests should not disclose what they hear in confession to the police?"

446. From Arron: "Faith Alone? How can you explain the following verses..."

447. From Susan: "Even St. Patrick Kept the Sabbath"

448. From Lance: "I have taken to reading the Bible quite a lot recently and it has made me wonder if I am right in addressing my priest as father because in Matthew 23 it clearly states it is wrong."

449. From Peter: "What happens if I don't feel anything?" (Dryness in Prayer)

450. From Bob: "I came to a frightening realization that many of these programs have cleverly hidden, subtle elements of the New Age Movement."

450. From College Student: "I'm very curious about how the Church and God feels regarding tattoos and body piercings."

451. From Peter: "Do you agree that this helps to scuttle the lure for others of the traditionalists' fallacy that portrays insurmountable contradictions between "Extra Ecclesiam, nulla salus" and Vatican II, on salvation?"

452. From Doreen: "What is the Catholic church's position on Mary the Mother of God?"

453. From Mary: "Can you tell me anything about the Light Mysteries that some say has been or will be added to the rosary?"

454. From Eileen: "Are there any GOOD books on church history that aren't anti-pope, yet don't skim over the real details of how the church was formed after the death of the original twelve apostles?"

455. "it is frustrating because of all of the sexual tension building up inside of me, needing to be released. Am I allowed any kind of sexual outlet whatsoever?"

456. From GW: "Is there a list of what constitutes a grave sin?"

457. From Jennie: "I found one passage in the bible stating only 144,000 people will ever go there. Is there anything passage that contradicts that statement?"

458. From Victor: "Is this a 'JUST WAR', or approved by the Pope in any manner?"

459. From Maribeth: "My view was that demons are real, and do exist - the other viewpoint was that demons are symbols of our inner struggles with sin - and not seperate, real entities."

460. From John: "My parish priest holds a general confession service (with general absolution at the end) that he specifically asks the faithful at the beginning to specifically only confess one sin."

461. From Janet: "'why do I have to join the Church? Isn't following Jesus enough?'"

462. Can you direct me to Bible verses that indicate the necessity of the sacraments for salvation?

463. From Kelly: "I'm a parishioner at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, where we are all trying to get used to our new pastor, a fine priest named Bishop Lennon..."

464. From S: "We have been planning our wedding in Florida on the beach. Is this permissible?"

465. From Ryan: "is it really your place to impose your morality on anyone?"

466. From Jonathan (Lutheran Pastor): "Are the saints in glory permitted to have personal contact with saints in purgatory?"

467. From A: "I also found out that the form of birth control I've been on, Depo Provera, is an abortifacient, which I did not know.

468. From N: "It a sin to have thoughts about sex enter your mind...?"

469. From Malwina: "I have spent more, many more years than you did in an oppressing society, where suffering meant more - as you say - than for women not being admitted to priesthood.

470. From E: "Is also ok for married loving non-contraceptive couples to use aphrodisiacs?"

471. From Dave: "I've often been faced with the dilemna of whether or not to enter into the priesthood."

472. From Ben: "The difference between you & I Phil is that I know there are problems that exist in my "Protestant" church. But these problems can't be hidden..."

473. From Noel: "Is it an occult practice or is it really a science?"

474. From E: "I know that I love this guy and he means the world to me...I know the Church's teachings on sex..."

475. From Noel: "Is this situation ethics, or what?"

476. From Maryann: "Do you think that it is ok to pray for satan to change his ways, repent?"

477. From Anguished Catholic in New England: "I recently became somewhat of a lapsed Catholic..."

478. From Elliot: "I have in the last year gained a tremendous respect for Catholic history and dogma."

479. From Erin: I personally have a strong belief that anything men can do women can do better.

480. From Frank: "Hell is God's great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human choice."

481. "I write the After abortion website and I'm a friend of The Raving Atheist."

482. From JoAnne: "Many Catholic people I know here in Florida have been writing letters to Governor Bush, asking him to intervene in this case."

483. From Doug: "it is possible for even a Jack Chick-type of anti-Catholic Fundamentalist to come to the grace that is offered us in the Roman Catholic Church."

484. From Thuan: "Is it true that the Church teaches us that on Judgement Day that our physical bodies will be resurrected?"

485. From Tammy: "what is the difference if they use natural family planning or a little pill or condom? They all result in the same thing... NO BABY!!!"

486. From Mark: "If the law that makes an illegal immigrant 'illegal' is an illegitimate law, could you share with me why that is? If the law is legitimate, then why not honor this law?"

487. From Sister Rose: "How do you prepare for your homily?"

488. From Maryellen: "the Pope seems bound to launch an international hate campaign against homosexuals..."

489. From John: "I have a very painful secret; I am struggling with my sexuality."

490. From Timoteus: "I am curious how this practice, seemingly contradicting Jesus commands, came to be generally accepted?"

491. From Jose: "How then can we justify the baptism in children?

492. From Josip: "I was almost in ecstasy the first month, but it all ended in a terrible fall."

493. From Mike: "Does the Catholic law state that non-Catholics go to Heaven? For example, do people of Buddhist and Muslim faith backgrounds go to Heaven?"

494. From Ruby: "how do I portray a nun, so that I can do a realistic portrayal?

495. From Christine: "I have a LOT of questions and I really need them answered..."

496. From George: Contrary to your faith in penitence, I cannot imagine a God who would value contrition for a lifetime of wrong over a lifetime of deeds of virtue.

497. From Juliana: "How is it possible that with all of the billions of people in this world and in history, that God could have made each of us unique?"

498. From K: "Recently, my adult niece moved in with her boyfriend."

499. "I'd love to hear what you have to say about the book The DaVinci Code"

500. From Anna: "The doubts in my mind about the morality of birth control were probably the first steps on my way to Catholicism."


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