"What is the Catholic church's position on Mary the Mother of God?"

I liked most of your homily on Grace. However, after you talked about grace being God's free gift to us you then said that not keeping the commandments would result in loss of salvation. None of us are perfect and no matter how hard we try to keep all of the commandments we will fall short in one way or another. That doesn't mean we stop trying. That's where grace comes in. God knew that we would never obtain perfection on this earth. That's why He sent Jesus. He is the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Once we receive Him as personal saviour, He "cleanses us and makes us white as snow." I don't believe we lose our salvation in Him unless we completely turn away from him or denounce him.

I have a question for you on a completely different subject. :) What is the Catholic church's position on Mary the Mother of God? I am interested to know why you feel it necessary to pray to her instead of praying directly to Jesus.

Also, I have heard that Catholics believe that you have to be Catholic in order to be saved. Do you believe that or do you believe that any person who sincerely receives Christ as their personal savior is saved.

I appreciate you taking time to read my e-mail and answer my questions.

Thank you,



Dear Doreen,

Thank you for your email. You ask some very good questions. Catholic Answers has an article on praying to the saints, also Mary, the Mother of God Let me know what you think of them.

The question of salvation outside the Catholic Church is complex. Catholic Answers summarizes what early Christian teachers had to say.

I appreciate your comments regarding the homily on Grace. I think we are in fundamental agreement about human imperfection and needing the perfect sacrifice of Christ whom we must accept as personal Savior. The question would be: What would constitute "turning away from Jesus"? It seems to me if a Christian knowingly and deliberately commits a grave sin, he would be turning away from the Lord. In one homily I used the example of a local pastor who murdered his wife in order to marry another woman. Of course, I cannot judge him, or anyone else, and I hope he has repented, but it seems to me the act, if pre-meditated and freely chosen, involves a turning away from Jesus. What do you think?


Fr. Phil Bloom


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