Why Does Church Keep Promoting Births?

What about the poverty and dire living conditions of the people in Mexico City or in the cities of Brazil? Why do you insist that people live like rats and eat garbage? Why does the church keep promoting births when in fact many children in Roman Catholic countries are living in such squalid conditions?

John Calvin Errickson II


Dear John,

The questions you ask are complex. I tried to address some of them in an essay Have We Filled the Earth? I cannot argue with your underlying premise that if there were no children born, then eventually no one would be living in squalid conditions - or facing any of the sufferings which are part of this life. I worked seven years in one of the poorest areas of Peru. Not once did I hear someone say they wished they had never been born altho unfortunately children here do sometimes say that. Most of the young people I knew in Peru embraced the challenge of their lives and made real progress materially, educationally, spiritually, etc.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. I have never insisted that "people live like rats and eat garbage" - nor have I known anyone in the Catholic Church to desire that. Just the opposite, most are anxious to show some practical solidarity with those who have less.

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