Does Christian View Promote Greed?



I'm sure I will be rambling throughout this message, but I don't even know where to start on this issue!

I don't consider procreation to be a sin, but I do think we need to take responsibility for it! There was a time when large families made sense. Many children died at birth and the life expectancy was short. Human numbers were kept in balance by nature. Now, we are able to override nature to a great degree artificially through scientific and medical advancement. If we tilt the balance by playing "god" to extend human life, don't we also have to restore balance at the other end? What will happen when one day the human average life expectancy is 100 years old? There will be too many of us to sustain. Especially since we gobble up natural resources at an inexcusable rate!

You seem to be focusing only on the United States which is a young country. Just compare what was here a mere 200 years ago as compared to today. True, we are not yet China or India, but we've managed to consume quite a bit of the beauty of this country. What do you see here in another 200 years?

Unfortunately, in the modern times, the average person can do a huge amount of damage. Look at global warming? Look at the food situation? We now have to genetically alter our food to increase production in order to feed everyone.

In my life time I have seen the land that my grandparents owned when I was a child become completely built upon with suburban houses and shopping malls! I am only 39 years old so that was not that long ago!

I'm sorry if my view if so pessimistic, but I think the Christian view that humans were created in the image of God and that the world is our oyster is a way for people to justify their greed. We feel that the world is ours to do with as we please! I feel that every living thing is in the image of God because it was created by God. We don't seem to bat an eye at sterilizing deer when we feel there are too many for the land to support, but don't even want to discuss birth control for humans when there are too many for Africa to support!

I could go on and on, but will spare you the agony. I don't expect you to agree with any of this because I know I am quite extreme in my views also. I just wish people would see what is happening and not close their eyes. We are part of nature not the rulers of it!!!

Take Care,



Dear G,

I am not questioning your right to your own views, just trying to understand exactly what they are. I appreciate you clarifying that you do not consider procreation to be "the ultimate sin." I certainly agree with you that we have to take responsibility for it - and for all use of our sexuality.

Help me to understand what you are saying. When you refer to "consuming the beauty" of the country are you saying any human altering of untrammeled nature makes it ugly? Tourists come to Washington State to see natural sites like Mount Rainer, but also the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle, the Japanese gardens, to take a ferry boat ride, etc. If you visited here, would you only want to see the parts that have been untouched by man?

How our country looks in 200 years will depend on choices people make regarding development and conservation. In 2201 Seattle might be as big as Chicago which I hear is a pretty nice place to live and work - at least the Boeing executives thought so :-( Right now Seattle's traffic congestion is the nation's second worse (way worse that Chicago). I hope in two centuries we will solve that problem. Do you assume that quality of life goes down as population density increases?

About the shopping mall on your grandparent's property: I grew up on an island which then had maybe a couple thousand inhabitants. The 2000 Census showed over thirteen thousand. While it creates some problems, like traffic, still there are many beautiful places including new public parks. At the same time, the seven acres my parents owned became much more valuable. I would feel little hypocritical benefiting from that increased value and at the same time complaining about the influx of people who caused it. Wouldn't you? Camano Island now has a shopping plaza, but I have to admit I sometimes take advantage of the convenience.

Global warming does sound ominous, but is population control the real solution? From what I have read, scientists have some consensus that it is happening, but not about why or what exactly to do about it or even what the damages would be. Do you have a clear idea about the cause & solution?

Are you worried about genetically altered foods?

You do know that the Christian view is not that "the world is our oyster," but rather stewardship (responsibility)?

Anyway, those are my questions. It's OK for us to have different views, but please help me to understand yours and I will try to do the same for mine.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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