Pro-Choice Vandalism

(Holy Family Parish, Seattle; May 21, 2007)

On May 21, vandals slashed our Silent No More Banner. Whoever did this, left our school banners intact, but violently tore apart the one with a pro-life, healing message. Evidently the words "I Regret My Abortion" made someone uncomfortable. Men who have pushed women to procure an abortion obviously do not want to hear this message. We reported the vandalism to the police and hope to receive insurance help to be able to purchase a new banner.

On March 31 our parish Knights of Columbus posted the banner in conjunction with their annual Spring Clean:

In preparation for Easter, our parish Knights of Columbus organized the annual Spring Clean. Many people have commented on how beautiful the grounds look. I also want to thank the Knights for purchasing and posting the Silent No More Poster. It features actress Jennifer O’Neill (Summer of ’42) who is part of a brave group of women who have given public testimony to the consequences of a procured abortion. They do it to help prevent others from falling into a similar tragedy and also to hold out hope for healing. Easter, as the quote from St. Melito underscores, is about the forgiveness and liberation that Jesus wants to give to each one of us.

From May 6 bulletin:

Last week we had some vandalism of our parish property. You may have seen the spray painting on the side of our church and on our newly finished church doors. Also, the Silent No More banner, which our Knight of Columbus installed, was vandalized. As you can see, the paint was not so easily removed from the banner. What they painted on the banner (“impeach…”) indicates a fundamental misunderstanding. The banner is not a political statement, but a pastoral outreach to those wounded by abortion. If you consider that, since 1973, one of every four pregnancies has ended in abortion, there are many people in our midst who are suffering in silence. That does not have to be the case. There is hope and healing. Jesus did not come to condemn, but to save. I know women and men who have experienced healing through the Sacrament of Reconciliation – and by attending a Rachel Retreat. Call the number on the banner or call Valerie at 1-800-822-HOPE. Rachel Retreats are scheduled for later this month and for August.


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