Does Poverty Cause Overpopulation?

Libby and Paul wrote:

I have a few questions
1 Is poverty one of the major causes of Overpopulation?
2 Why does poverty contribute so much to overpopulation?
3 How can overpopulation be prevented or at least slowed down?
4 Can poverty actually be linked to overpopulation with facts?
If you could answer my questions it would be much appreciated I can be contacted at


Dear Libby & Paul,

It is a common observation that the birth rate goes down as nations become more developed. And that within any nation the upper classes tend to have less children. There are many explanations, one of the most frequent is that children are a form of "old age security." This a very complex subject, but something which should be considered as part of the explanation is this: as we get more money, we also have more control and we can more readily fall into a consumer mentality. (which defines man in terms of ability to produce and consume) The child can be considered just one more item a person needs for fulfillment. This consumer approach to the child can be a factor in both birth control and fertility clinics (in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, etc.)


Fr. Phil Bloom


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