The Life Dynamics investigation of Planned Parenthood continues to gain momentum.

An article in today's Concord Monitor reports on NH pro-life groups that want to expose Planned Parenthood's "subverting" of child abuse reporting laws.

Both Roger Stenson, executive director of New Hampshire Citizens for Life, and Steve Cable, president of the Center for American Cultural Renewal are quoted in an article regarding the eagerness of abortion clinics to conceal statutory rape.

They played tapes of calls to New Hampshire clinics recorded by Life Dynamics of Texas to show that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are subverting mandatory reporting laws designed to protect girls from sexual predators.

Life Dynamics is continuing to work with pro-life groups and elected officials around the country to get this evidence out to the public. Visit for more on this investigation.

Click here to read the article from today's Concord Monitor - Child abuse laws are subverted by abortion clinics say pro-life groups