Peru Fire Kills Hundreds

(How You Can Help)

"At least 250 people were killed and 180 injured when fireworks exploded in a street-market store, setting off a blaze that swept through four blocks of apartments and stores, officials said Sunday.

"President Alejandro Toledo declared Sunday and Monday national days of mourning and banned the sale of fireworks." See Peru Shopping Mall Blaze Kills Hundreds (CNN News)

This afternoon (Dec. 30) I spoke with Obst. Luz M. Marron, director of the Mary Bloom Center. She told me the entire nation is in shock and mourning on account of the horrible disaster. Most of the victims were quite poor families who lost their lives while trying to defend their few worldly goods.

At Holy Family Parish we will be taking up a collection to assist the families of those of who perished in this terrible fire. If you wish to help, please send a check to:

Peru Fire Victims
c/o Holy Family Parish
9622 - 20th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Sí a La Vida Campaign