Seapadre Personal Information

I was born Sept. 2, 1946, third son of Melvin and Mary Bloom. Here is a recent family picture (Christmas 97).

I have four brothers and one sister, Melanie. Her first granddaughter Rachael was born oJanuary of 1997.

As of December 17, 1997,I have been a priest of the Archdiocese of Seattle for twenty-six years. Last year I celebrated my twenty-fifth anniversary. In July of 1997 at St. Malo's retreat house in Colorado, we had a twenty-five Class Reunion. (Includes picture of classmates who attended.)

Seven of those years (1987-94) were spent as a Maryknoll Associate in Southern Peru. Recently I uploaded a number of pictures from those years, including an earlier visit in 1982 with Frs. Jim Coyne and Dick Gallagher to see Fr. Pat McDermott who was a Maryknoll Associate at that time. (Includes picture from Fr. Henri Nouwen's 50th birthday.)

While in Peru I helped found the Mary Bloom Center.

(foto by Hugo Ludena)

From 1995 - 2009 i was pastor of Holy Family Parish in Seattle. It is a great assignment: a medium size bi-lingual, multi-cultural parish in one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Seattle. Altho I am currently the only full-time priest, Fr. Richard Gallagher helps on weekends and I have a great staff.

Holy Family Parish has always encouraged vocations to the priesthood. This past year a seminarian of the Archdiocese, John Ketzer, has been living here in the rectory while he does his pre-theology studies. Also Armando Perez has been with us again this summer. In the fall he will be doing theology studies at Sacred Heart Seminary in Hales Corner, WI and John will be at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, CA. There are three other young men from this parish who are seminarians for the Archdiocese or applying to become seminarians.

This was a wonderful parish to be pastor. God willing and with Archbishop Brunett's approval I will be here many years.

--Fr. Phil Bloom (August 11, 1998)

P.S. Some have asked what seapadre means. It is short for "Seattle Padre." Also refers to enjoying crabbing, fishing, etc.

P.P.S. I am now pastor of St. Mary the Valley in Monroe, WA (as of July, 2009)

W/ Rachael (Feb. 22, 1999)

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