Letters about Pedophilia

There have been several e-mail letters regarding pedophilia. One person notified me of websites on the Internet which try to justify the behavior. Not surprising, they use the same basic arguments as those who want to rationalize homosexual behavior--or even birth control for that matter. The only twist is that they consider it possible for a minor (even a pre-pubescent child) to truly consent to sexual activity with an adult. I received a couple of letters from a pedophile who argued that point.

Most letters I received (like the one quoted in the article on Confession of Sins) focused on how the scandal has affected the Catholic Church. Below is another example. I leave it to the reader to judge the validity of the argument. I am still convinced that the best resource on this issue is Philip Jenkin's dispassionate book Pedophiles and Priests


Isn't it about time the Catholic Church took responsibility for pedophile priests instead of trying to play down the issue? The media may blow it out of proportion, but the Church is trying to ignore it. Which is better to play something up or to ignore it and hope it will go away. At least the media is trying to address an important issue, that the Catholic Church refuses to deal with. Priest are told they can't marry, but is a special point made of telling them not to molest? Is marriage more important for the Church to prevent, because molestation is harder to prove? Apparently so.

William Barnum


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