Hi, I'd like to ask for your help for a research paper I'm preparing for our Religion class.....can you give me Biblical quotations that prohibit Pedophilia.....Thanks...


For your research paper I would suggest starting with places in the Bible which forbid the use of sex outside of marriage. For example St. Paul says it is wrong for a man to go with a prostitute because he becomes "one body" with her (1Cor 6:16). That depth of unity can only be truthful in marriage. Jesus teachs the permanence of marriage for the same reason (Mark 10:1-12). Paul includes adulterers and (practicing) homosexuals among those who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven (1 Cor 6:10), altho in the following verse he does indicate they can be forgiven if they repent.

In the case of pedophilia, the fourth commandment is also involved. A pedophile is inevitably deceiving the child's parents and causing him (or her) to do something behind the parent's back. St. Paul talks about the fourth commandment in Ef 6:1. The Bible, by the way, presupposes that children are under their parents authority until the day they marry (not turn 18, like in our culture).

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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