Parish Council Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2008, 7:00 p.m., Miguel Pro Room, Ailbe House



Staff:  Father Bloom, Father Velasco, Glen Lutz, Anca Wilson, Mary French

Council Members:  Emy Bansale, Ginnie Hance, Rica Herrera, Theresa Lambert, Denise Leary, Greg Miller,  Angelica & Victor Ramirez, Alex Sheng, Steve Stillwell Jr., Steve Stillwell Sr.  

Not Present:  Deacon Abel, Rosa Velasco, Stephanie Sheng


Staff and council members were invited to meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Adoration Chapel for thirty minutes of silent prayer before the meeting.


Meeting was opened at 7:05 p.m. with the Gospel reading for the day read by Steve Stillwell Sr. and an opening prayer by Father Bloom.


Meeting with Bishop Kurtz

Father Bloom mentioned some key statistics regarding Catholic marriage that were mentioned in a recent Archdiocesan meeting with Bishop Kurtz.


  • Catholics who attend weekly Mass have more enduring marriages.
  • Catholics who attend weekly Mass have a higher average of children (3 compared to 1.8)
  • The father plays a key role in the successful passing on of the faith to children.
  • We need to honor couples with marriages that have endured to the 25 year mark and beyond.  Their children are most likely to have enduring marriages.


Rica Herrera led a “Getting to Know You” activity for those who missed the previous meeting.


Minutes from Previous Council Meeting 

The minutes from the January 10, 2008, Council meeting were summarized by Mary French and approved with no corrections or additions. 




Mission Statement for Stewardship

In regards to the Parish Council formulating a Stewardship Mission Statement, Father Bloom stated that we are not inventing a mission but rather discovering our mission as it flows from our purpose in life as Catholic Christians and the overall mission of the Church given by Christ. In order for the Council to be better able to see this relationship, some key paragraphs from the Catechism summarizing these two overarching ideas were handed out.

Discussion of the USCCB letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, Preface through Ch. 2

Father Bloom asked each person on the Council to mention a few things that stood out to them while reading this document.  Highlights include:


  • Stewardship is a result of collegiality and collaboration in parish life and ministries
  • Extreme individualism is often a problem in today’s parishes affecting community and good stewardship
  • Following Jesus is the work of a lifetime.  Being a disciple is a total way of life requiring continuing conversion
  • Discipleship and Stewardship are interrelated.  Our spiritual lives should be centered on the Eucharist
  • We must understand that God is calling each one of us to fulfill his will
  • Without a vocation, man’s existence would be meaningless
  • Stewardship is a total way of life
  • Stewardship requires a discernment process to determine how best to spend our time and use our gifts
  • Jesus’ call to discipleship is urgent, not sometime in the future, but here and now, in the present circumstances
  • The Lord’s way is not one of comfortable living, but costly discipleship
  • We are called as Stewards to manage God’s affairs
  • The two human activities fundamental to the Christian vocation are collaborating with God in the work of creation and cooperating with God in the work of redemption.  Both lie at the heart of Christian Stewardship
  • Mature disciples make a conscious decision to be followers of Christ no matter the cost to themselves
  • Stewardship flows from gratefulness and thankfulness and is given joyfully
  • Stewardship must begin with a conversion of heart or it is shallow.  We must commit our very selves to the Lord
  • Stewardship requires committing ourselves to others and has to avoid excessive individualism  
  • Stewardship always starts with the personal experience of the Risen Christ in our midst and in our hearts







Upcoming Budget Analysis

Father Bloom briefly reviewed the Budget Analysis currently in progress.  All staff members, and others in residence, are being asked to estimate how many hours their position will require for the following fiscal year as well as what tasks can be done by volunteers.  This information will then be taken to the Finance Council and along with Father Bloom, a budget will be formulated.  


Future Capital Projects

Father Bloom discussed some of the future Capital projects that need to be addressed.  He hopes to retain the services of Kevin Broderick, the architect who drew up the plans for the school basement remodel, this summer to get his suggestions and possible designs for the overall Capital needs of the parish.  A feasibility study will need to be done in conjunction with this.  


Council Picture

A second picture of the Council was taken to have available in the vestibule so parishioners would be able to recognize members if they wished to contact them with a particular need.



Mission Statements from other Parishes

Review samples of mission statements from other parishes. 


Action Item

Please read Ch. 3 of the Bishops’ letter.


Next Week’s Refreshments

Theresa Lambert


Father Bloom adjourned the meeting with prayer at 8:45 p.m.


Next Parish Council Meeting:  March 13


On-going Parish Council Meetings:  April 10, May 15



Respectfully Submitted,


Mary French