Overpopulation - Asking the Right Question


I'm in eighth grade and I am writing a research paper on overpopulation. One of the requirements of my project is that we have a personal interview. If you would be willing to answer some questions about overpopulation...it would help me out a lot.

1. In your opinion what causes over population?

2. What can we do to stop it?

3. Do you think it will be come a big problem in the near future?

4. What country is in most danger of over population?

5. What natural resource is being depleted the most due to over population?

Thanks for your help.:)


Dear Angel,

Have you heard of the Greek Philospher, Aristotle? He said: "Those who wish to succeed must ask the right preliminary questions." (Metaphysics II, (III), i.)

May I suggest that the more basic question is: What is overpopulation?

Let me explain. If you were to ask me, What causes you to be overweight? I would first want to know why you think I am. Actually, I am 5' 8", weigh 150 lbs., so I don't consider weight to be my big problem altho I could eat more vegetables, get more exercise, better rest, etc.

Do you see what I am saying, Angel? I have tried to show in the Overpopulation Article that the problem is not necessarily that we have too many people in the world. Here is a good place to start in asking the right question. Let me know what you think and how the paper goes.

God bless you,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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