What is Original Sin of Sex?

In Mary Makes a Comeback (Seattle Times, December 25, 1999) Sally Macdonald offers this adventurous summary of Christian teaching on Mary:

"Throughout the years, Protestants have diminished the image. Popes, though, have added to it, proclaiming Mary perpetually virginal, conceived without the original sin of sex and, on her death, assumed bodily into heaven."

Like me you may have been unsure what exactly the "original sin of sex" is. Here is a quiz to test your knowledge:

The original sin of sex means:

1. Mary had no human father?

2. Mary did not feel sexual inclinations?

3. The Fall of Adam and Eve involved a sexual sin?

4. None of the Above?

To find the correct response (with explanations), click on the above answers.


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  • A Question for Seattle Times (March, 2001)