Disagreement over Organ Transplant

Dear Father Bloom,

This has two parts please be patient. First I read your response on the Traditional Church as opposed to the Post Vatican II Chruch. I do go to the Tridentine Latin Mass because the consecration of the Host is done properly so you have the Real Presence.Therefore the traditionalists did not brake away from the Church, The Roman Church broke away from the Teaching of the Church from the time of the apostles. The Bible does speak of a Remnate Church which I believe is the traditionalists. I don't judge "Novas Ordo" Catholics , Jesus has that job. I just try to hold fast to Jesus' original teachings.

Have said that , even the traditionalists disagree on some matters that have come up since Vatican II. One of them being Organ Donation. Medical technology has evolved to the very scientific way of determining the moment of true death. The reason I know this is that we were faced with this serious issue. The infant daughter I was carrying needed a heart transplant to live. At that time the Pope had not come out with a opinion about the subject. So we were seeking advice from our Priest and he refered to our Bishop. When all was said and done, they had a 3 day conference on organ donation and transplantation. They refer to the writings of Pope Pius XII. From all indications everything was a go. We did recieve a negative response from one individual preist that was very much opposed. He did not take the time or the effort to educate himself on the subject before he wrote us very nasty letters. In the end our daughter recieved her new heart at 11 days of age and doing well. We decided to place her life in God's hands and if He gave her a heart then, we felt that He wanted her to live and for us to carry on with our efforts to educate people on Organ Donation.

Basically I wish the Church would unite again and get on the same page, and bring the Catholic Church back to it's glory to with Jesus intended. Do you get many questions on transplantation?


Good to hear from you. I pray that your daughter is doing well. Organ donation is accepted, even encouraged, by the Church. Of course, even after death the human body is to be treated with respect and reverence in light of the future resurrection and of the baptized being the temple of the Holy Spirit in this life. That is, proper respect in removing the organs to be transplanted and the burial of other parts.

As far as the Tridentine Mass, would it not be better to go where an indult Mass is celebrated?

Fr. Phil Bloom

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