just paid a visit to your site, I am deeply moved by your obvious love for Him.. and so many insights in things that we as catholics should know... and thanks for visiting my site (Miracles--Touched by God) I am trying to gain enough information to put another page on healing in our church how it began, the priest's involvement, the oils and sacrement of the sick, the people and the healing mass.. Although I was blessed my words are emotions and what I saw, I would like to convey to all that the miracles are there for all through the mass..so I visit as many catholic sites as I can to see what information I can gain... just the everyday miracles in our local and your local churchs not in some far land, how we are healed of what we need not always what we want so thanks for the encouragement I love your site and will visit many times I added a link to your page I do hope you do not mind I will remove it if you wish.


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Dear Skip,

Thanks for the visit and the kind words. And for the link. I appreciate it and as I mentioned will be placing a link on mine to yours. I mention a couple of local miracles on my website. One involved a very interesting appearance of the Blessed Virgin to Archbishop Murphy when he was in the hospital. Will write more another time sinnce its Sat. evening and a lot to do tomorrow.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


From: "Stewart Duffie"
To: "Fr Phil Bloom"
Subject: Re: hello
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 08:32:55 -0400

Morning Father ,,, thanks so much for your note...I am slowly going through your pages and have learned so much..in fact just read your script... on that TV Show and I am helping RCIAC in this area there are five churches involved not many ppl just a lot of churches.. and that very subject came up by some of the candidates... I had never seen the show so I could not speak on it but I am going to print your so called script it has the perfect answer which I could not give in fact some though the show may be good... I do not know if the church up here has an official position... hope you do not mind...still have not seen Bishop Murphy's vision yet will keep looking


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